Fashion Ala K-pop Idol The Most Duplicated by the Kpopers

Fashion Ala K-pop Idol The Most Duplicated by the Kpopers

In addition to providing good music and interesting visuals from the idol, Kpop also managed to become a fashion mecca for many people. The stylish dress of elegant South Korean artists, eyecatching but simple and still looks stylish to make a lot of people especially the kpopers follow to imitate their dress. asuransi pendidikan

Well, for the Kpopers in Indonesia who want to follow the cool cool of your favorite idols, there are several styles of dressing the South Korean artists below that can be followed or inspired how to dress you. This is a Kpop idol-style fashion that suits you to inspire everyday dress:

1. Streetwear / Urban Style

This style of dress is perfect for you to go to college or just want to hang out pretty with friends at the cafe or mall. Not complicated and not tacky. For this type of style you do not need to bother to mix and match colors just use 1 color, black, gray or dark red.

2. Boyfriend / Girlfriend Look

If for style you will use a lot of shirts or soft-colored shirts or pastels, can also shirts with print in adorable cartoon characters such as snoopy or mickey mouse. Can you mix with a denim jacket, jeans pants / skirts or materials.

3. Summer Look

The most identical to the style of this one is a simple blend of dress but filled with color. So be ready all your clothes that have bright colors such as white, yellow, red, even pink at the same time. Especially for women, be prepared to buy some denim skirts or knee-length material to make it look sweeter and brighter.

4. Autumn Look

In Indonesia there is no such thing as autumn but how to dress these Korean artists in autumn welcome in Korea still you can imitate and still suitable for wear in Indonesia. The main points of this style are cardigan or sweater with soft colors.

5. Striped Shirt / T-shirt

Lately in South Korea, not only artists but teenagers are happy to use various tops with a pattern of lines. If usually a shirt or shirt with this pattern is limited to black and white. In South Korea you will find many t-shirts and striped shirts with various blends of color. You can blend the top of your stripes with jeans or soft-colored material.

Discover Style Inspiration for Your Own K-pop Fashion Style
Yourself is what you wear and that portrays part of you. So choose the type of style that suits your personality and certainly comfortable to wear. Do not just be limited to the fashion above, you can also freely combine several matching styles above and customize to your taste.