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Failure Cause Movement Bringing Children to School

Who is this morning so troublesome prepare for the first day of school? I’m sure all parents would in many ways already deal with all the hassles today. I myself have not been directly involved with Movement Bringing Children to School Day One, but I have a story of how this movement so bring good for the child even indirectly for parents.
Long before Mr. Anis became Minister of Education, The movement is already done some parents of course a variety of reasons, but the 2016 is so many shares in the group chat application how our government this time so attentive On the success of the children’s education is not only hoping to faculty, but parental attitudes is also one important factor to support education. Many ways and one of the easiest and simplest is Ushering Kids to School on Day One. The Ministry of Education and Culture to issue a Circular Letter No. 4 in 2016, an appeal to the head of the area to give a dispensation to all levels of the department for coming late to work on this day by reason of taking the child in the first day of school. Some of the city this morning has been updated on the policy, and there are some areas that give a maximum limit of delay that is up to 3 hours, after all parties have to work again and do not use this movement as an excuse to not come to work bablas

I am currently a mother, has 2 children who are still toddlers, but I used to be a pupil. Even I recalled my childhood with the word “happy”. My father is a private employee every two years always transfer to a different city. So I got some schools in some cities, to finish elementary school I got to attend three schools, two junior and two senior high school. And in every phase of the school is certainly my parents always took me, my brother and sisters to school, especially in the first day of school for this reason that I and my brother were often in the same school or closely spaced.


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