Expenses Tracking

Expenses Tracking

It is not enough just to have a budget or different budgets for accountability. It is more important for us to have a system that allows us to manage our budget implementation daily in order to see whether we are on track. Many people come up with budgets and just as many cannot sick to them. Why ? because they do not track their expenses and progressively monitor whether they are on budget.

This is one of the most important principles we can teach our children. It is linked very much to the principle of accountability I mentioned earlier, however, this is so important I wanted to write about it as a principle of its own.

When trying to lose weight, people who chech their weight every day, are more successful than those who do not. Why ? its simple accountability. People who know they are going to weight themselves and who have a habit of doing so regularly, will be more careful with their eating habits and therefore will not eat junk. They are also less prone to eating binges, which upset the careful tracking of their weight.

One of the biggest keys to financial success is tracking our expenses. This absouletly must be taught to our children. If we have a proper tracking system and we track our expenses regularly, we will be less likely to splurge. It is the same principle as ith the weight loss.

Successful business people do not just keep an eye on their sales, they also track expenses. It would be a disaster for the business it they did not. A business can keep getting money in, but if they do manage it and monitor the expenses and costs, the profit margin can be eaten up so quickly thay they can be out of business in just a matter of months.

It is simple tracking system created in a excel spreadsheet document. IT allows you to track your expenses with preset categories. This is important bcause it is not just a matter of writing every cent down as we spend it, but it is about writing it down in a way that is systematic and easy to understand. Your tracking system must be one that is simple, easy to use, and pleasant. It has to be one that works for you. It must be something that you enjoy doing every day otherwise you and your children will not get into tha habit of tracking your expenses. Managing your finances daily helps you to achieve your goals, because you can identify problem areas and make adjustments day to day and not wait until it is late too.