Engineering insurance

Engineering insurance

Entrepreneurs engaged in the construction, installation, factory that has a lot of production machinery and electronic equipment, requiring insurance protection which can provide protection against loss or damage to the upper and construction projects, contractorplant and machineries, equipments and others. Participants included liability to third parties as a result of negligence during work activities are carried out, beradasarkan the terms and conditions of the insurance policy as agreed.

Contractor all risk insurance policies used for building construction projects poteksi offices, shops, water towers port, road construction, etc .. Here machines and equipment used for construction projects, which are generally used plant contractor insurance policy and machineries. The erection all risks insurance policy used for the protection installation project, installation of production machinery, power plant, water pipelines, gas, petroleum and so on.

Protection for the construction or installation project began the supply of equipment and materials until the construction or installation is completed and the project was handed over, and testing / commissioning following maintenance period of construction or installation.

Once the project is completed the construction and future maintenance of the asset owner can take civil engineering completed risks policy that provides for the construction of civil protection against the risks of external brsifat such as collision, was hit by natural disasters in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Polis auransi machinery breakdown used for the protection of production machinery against the risk of loss or damage due to short circuit during operation such as centrifugal force and other internal disturbances on the machine based on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Similar to machinery breakdown insurance policy is an insurance policy boilers and pressure vessels also provide protection against loss or damage as a result of the current risks doperasikan, but limited to the type of boiler and pressure vessels.

The insurance policy for the protection of electronic equipment used elektrionik equipment, such as computers, servers, and the like against the risk of internal risks such as short circuit, burst and can be expanded with the risk of theft, fire, etc. seseuai purposes.

Workers’ compensation insurance

An entrepreneur who has many workers are aware that the business risks are not only associated with a decrease in sales, market loss, damage or loss affecting business assets, but also the provision of compensation to workers who have contributed to the advancement of business due to workplace accidents. Workmen compensation insurance policy can be taken as a solution to this problem. Here are examples of these products

insurance benefits
If employees are participants in an accident that in this case the accident arises and occurs when the employee was working with the participants, the employee will receive compensation that is adjusted in accordance with the standard compensation scheme Pertamina IN excess of Jamsostek.

The term is commonly used in the insurance Workmen Compensation

Died maximum 72 times salary
Permanent total disablement: 70% x 60 salaries
Permanent partial disablement: according to the percentage of labor regulations table x salary
Temporary total disablement: for 18 months, paid 100% salary, 18 buan thereafter 50% of salary.
Each benefit granted is subject to excess of Jamsostek (except for expats) means benefits paid to workers or families of workers is excess compensation given by the worker.

The direct or indirect result of war, invasion, civil war, strike, riot, riots and the like.

The responsibility of the participant to participant contractor employees

Any employee who is not considered to be employees in the legal sense

contractual liability

Any number of participants who have come from any other party

Suffer from disease

Inability to work temporary for 3 days in a row due to an accident

The cost of transportation and treatment costs

Accident during the become a passenger aircraft other than regular air passengers.

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