Education insurance

Education insurance

Insurance education is one insurance product aimed at ensuring children’s education from an early age and the future of children complete their education. This insurance is usually classified as other options of education savings which will finance the education of children from elementary school to college. This insurance is usually divided into two parts based on the merits, namely investment and protection. Investment has a goal to raise funds corresponding key objectives to finance the children’s education, while protection has the purpose to protect and ensure the health costs a child when the baby fell ill during the term of the applicable insurance education.

Tips for Choosing Education Insurance

Usually, many people prefer insurance education than education savings, clearly the reason for insurance education offers a greater advantage. Flowers insurance outweigh the savings, an average of about 15% a year. If you are interested in buying an insurance product education, here are some tips on choosing a good insurance education for children:

1. Know your insurance company

As we have seen, in Indonesia there are several insurance companies that have education insurance product. As an insurance company Prudential, Allianz, Insurance Bumi Putera, Manulife, AXA, and so forth. Did not know it was love, so the saying goes. So also applies in choosing an insurance company, before you decide to choose one of these companies, it is advisable to know the insurance company first so you know the quality and you are more confident again with the insurance company you choose. To get detailed information about the company, visit the official website and ask directly to the customer service center of the insurance company. It could also ask a friend or relative who already benefit from one of these companies.

2. Adjust the premium to the cost of educating a child in the future

Some even most of the insurance company gives you full freedom to determine the amount of premium to be paid, but you are advised not to choose the insurance premium in small amounts. Why is that? Because the rate of inflation in Indonesia in recent years to reach 12% to 15% with an estimated increase in the cost of education by 20% to 25% annually. Therefore, if you are a low premium, it is possible that you can not meet the cost of educating a child in the future. Ideally insurance premiums per month ranged from Rp 500,000 to Rp. 800,000.

3. Choose a flexible policy

Some insurance companies do not allow the insured to take out an insurance policy if it has not reached a certain period. It is legitimate, but it is better to choose an insurance company that allows you to choose a policy that is flexible. This means that the insurance policy you can take whenever appropriate educational needs of children.

4. Check the additional facilities

Usually additional facilities protection insurance is a form of education or health insurance in the form of compensation costs of medical treatment in hospital. You may consider this facility if you also need to guarantee children’s health costs. But, make sure that these additional facilities do not cut too much the number of insurance policies in order to fund a child’s education education remains insufficient.

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