Education Insurance Sharia

Education Insurance Sharia

Education Insurance Sharia chosen because it has a system based on sharia so as not to leave the religious norms.

As one of the largest Islamic insurance company in Indonesia, Islamic Education Insurance has the concept of managed investment fund collection will be managed purely by sharia without leaving the religious principles for adopting a system of mutual assistance and also for a favorable outcome for the insured person. The role of insurance companies in Takaful only as a fiduciary to manage and invest funds from contributions of participants.

When viewed from the concept of sharia insurance education have the following criteria:

Takaful is a set of participants help each, mutual guarantees, and to cooperate with each other with their respective ways to spend tabarru, Sharia Insurance Gharar net of their practice, Maisir, and Riba. In Islamic Education Insurance No National Sharia Board which serves as a watchdog operational execution of the company to be free from muamalah practices incompatible with Islamic principles.

In Islamic Education Insurance has Akad tabarru and contract tijarah (mudaraba, wakalah, wadiah, & shirkah) and to transfer its risks using the concept of Risk Sharing, bear one of the participants of the other participants (ta`awun).

Sharia Insurance Benefits For Children Education
# Education Insurance is merupan form of avoided element of Riba

# Provide benefits that you need to plan pendidi
right for the son / daughter you since elementary school level to higher education based on Islamic principles.

# Life insurance protection against major insured

# Protection kotribusi tuition fees insurance if something happens to the policyholder such critical conditions, permanent disability or death to be paid until the child stepping on college

# Protection of the health insurance for the primary insured according to the plan chosen by the participants of this education insurance

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