Education and Awareness Award as Key Financial Literacy Early

Education and Awareness Award as Key Financial Literacy Early

The above sentence is so evocative us. We often see that many rich people falling into poverty. One thing that the reason is the lack of understanding in managing finances. Keep in mind, that the progress in the financial management of each citizen contributes well to the economic recovery of Indonesia. Remember, the progress of a country is seen from the progress of its citizens to be able to live a prosperous, modern even in comparison with other countries. What about our country, Indonesia?

Indonesia until this moment in the category of developing countries, despite the relatively stable economic growth. Please note, that Indonesia’s economic growth is relatively stable in the past 10 years, with an average growth of over 5 percent per year, indicating the level of welfare of the population of Indonesia has experienced an increase or progress over time. Especially with the indicator of a rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of Indonesia who continue to experience growth. In 2000, Indonesia’s GDP per capita amounted to Rp. 6.72 million. Meanwhile, in 2012 the figure had shot to Rp. 33.34 million (, 2014).

Welfare of the people of Indonesia is still relatively low compared with other developed countries, such as Japan, Australia, UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Holland, Italy, Russia, China, Switzerland and others. Especially when viewed from the social security people, Indonesia has not received a good rating. According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), states that approximately 55 percent of all Indonesian people do not have social security.

As for the 45 percent or approximately 76 million people mostly civil servants and private sector who already have health insurance. In details, 16 million people have Askes, Jamsostek bagging 4 million, 3 million have insurance are commercial, and 2 million members Jamkesda (, 2013).
Moreover, the level of poverty Indonesia was recorded at 28.07 million ( Why is that?

One of the factors that cause this is the lack of the Indonesian people to understand the significance of Financial literacy or so-called financial literacy (financial intelligence). Financial literacy is the ability to understand the financial and confidence to apply that knowledge in making decisions of a financial nature in everyday life. In countries such as Australia, Japan, Canada, the United States does and English, financial literacy has become a government program, with the assumption that if people in the community have the financial literacy would be good for the nation and state (, 2014).

According to Deputy Governor Muliaman Hadad said that in terms of financial literacy, Indonesia is still relatively low compared with other countries. Moreover, the role of Indonesian children who grew up as part of an increasingly complex world in which they will eventually need to take control of their own financial future.

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