It would not be in a hurry when we begin to teach about money and how to manage it to the baby. Especially when he started moving entered primary school education, then this age is a good time to teach children how to manage money, because at this age children have started to learn about subtraction, addition, and the mathematical concept more, which can be applied to the pocket money given.

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This is done so that later when the children get older, they can decide a few things about his finances. For instance take the decision to spend the allowance or perhaps even to act wisely by saving.

Well, here are some How to Easily Teach Kids About Money Early, will help you to teach baby about how to manage their finances since childhood.

1. Introduce your child about money and finance concepts
When children have started to count, then it is time to introduce it to the concept of money. You can start from the smallest fraction. Give the information to him about the money. Due to the introduction of money can count her media media, and can make us more intelligent baby.

2. Provide her with pocket money
For the sake of teaching fundamental concepts of finance, so if you give your child an allowance is appropriate. This includes the right way to provide instruction to the child how to manage finances. Given the allowance, then the kids will realize that the amount of money they have is limited, so that they would be wise to use money in his pocket.

3. Teach them to save
You must give a simple explanation to the child about what it’s saving and what are the benefits if he spends his pocket money for savings. Try to buy them a jug piggy bank, and teach it to save the rest of the allowance. At the age when the child began to get older, it can be introduced to them about savings accounts.

4. Teach charity
Teach children about the concept of managing finances it is not complete without an understanding of the concept of charity. So instead, start to teach your child to share with friends or other people, and do not forget to give an explanation that not all humans have the same fate. That way, the child began to realize the importance of sharing with others, especially for those in need.

5. Teach through the game
Gameadalah one good media interest to teach children about managing finances. Some games such as Monopoly, for example, can be an exciting way for children to learn how to manage finances. To further enliven, you can also invite the whole family to play together.

6. Encourage Children to participate when you shop
The market is one good medium to teach children about financial concepts. Therefore, take the baby when you go shopping, so she could learn firsthand how the process of interaction between sellers and buyers.
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