Easy Ways to Educate Girls Before You Go

Easy Ways to Educate Girls Before You Go

Educating children is a major task for parents. Why not, parents are the first people known by the child through parenting. Mother became Madrasatul ula for their children.

Educating girls is different when educating boys. There is also a claim that educating girls is more difficult than educating boys. The answer could be yes, it may not. On the one hand, girls’ education should indeed different from the boys. However, the most basic is to educate children with the foundation of Islam.
Here we extracted the way of educating girls:

1. Teach Deen Islam
There is no education and provision of the most valuable for girls besides you teach with pemahamahan Islam. He is the best of provisions for the cautious. He became the best gift of your time of Islamic education.

Islamic education in children directed to children understand about Islam that Islam is a philosophy of life. So it will color and be a benchmark for future thoughts and feelings always berpatok and leaning on Islam.

DINUL Teach Islam at your daughter because she became the best of supplies in the world.

2. Teach About Pergaulan
Teaches girls about relationships with other women and girls how to behave towards boys is a way of educating girls are next.

This is important, so the girls know her position as a woman who would become a woman pana later. It is also important to let him know their rights and obligations as a daughter.

Teaches girls about how to behave toward boys handy so he would not do that any interaction with the opposite sex. As well as that behavior is not the same as men. You need to emphasize and remember that Allah has cursed the women who resemble men and vice versa.

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3. Teach Close Aurat
Teach your daughter to close the genitals as a child. In order adulthood he was uncomfortable with the clothes.

Closing the aurat perfectly today, can make girls become uncomfortable because he sees the reality in the external environment that many Muslim women but not yet close the genitals.

Familiarize close the genitals as a child made a veil and he wore khimars will become part of him. Loose or not he used then there will be a feeling of unease.

Educating children to close the genitals early also comes with giving a correct understanding of the obligation to cover the nakedness, reward, reward and punishment can be obtained in the hereafter if not close the genitals. Educating girls with a true understanding until he could close the genitals perfectly would save her father, brother of the reckoning of Allah in Yaumil End later.

4. Teach About Reproduction
Teach your daughter to reproductive science. For instance, about menstruation, parturition, pregnancy, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Teach about how he behaved with the blood of menstruation can it get when stepping on adolescence. Teach about Islamic laws related to menstruation blood. Similarly Teach about feminine hygiene; reproductive organs associated with menstruation.

Explain also the understanding of postpartum blood. Explain the difference between the blood of menstruation and childbirth.

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Teach also about the process of pregnancy. Prepare psychological conditions to get married and have children later. Tell me about the process of reproduction; the difference with boys and obligations to maintain himself.

5. Teach the difference Attitude
Differences in attitudes that we mean here is the difference sikapa or characters between girls and boys. We have a lot mengulasnya on this website about the various differences between men and women. You can read them later on this website postings.

Teach specifically that Allah has created a man and woman to complement each other. Not to compete with each other who is the most important. The virtue of them before Allah only piety and obedience. Men and women have their own charity lane, not to question let alone to be contradicted.

Teach your daughter how to behave in the presence of men. Personal different girls with boys.

7. Teach Manners and Morals Noble
Do not forget to teach your daughter about manners. Manners are aimed how girls behave in the presence of parents; his mother and father, to the immediate family, neighbors, relatives, teachers, or people who just knew.

Teach also about noble character. Such as honesty, generosity, self-sacrifice, soft speech, put their trust, hard work. This noble character will be very useful to him in the face of his future life.

Teach by example and the example of their parents. Kids in addition requires an understanding of the parents, but more importantly children need practice noble manners and morals of his parents. Kids learn from the way parents behave.

8. Teaching Jobs Kitchen
Teach your daughter to the work that you often do. Engage it while providing basic knowledge on it, such knowledge of cooking.

Do not let your daughter be a child slacker because you forgot, alpha or did not want him involved with your activities in the kitchen.

Involve while you wash the dishes, sweep the house, cleaning furniture, washing clothes and so forth. It is important that your daughter will skillfully.

9. Do not Buying Toys for boys
Do not leave your daughter with toy boys; toy cars, robots, and other similar.

Give special toys for girls, such as dolls. Playing dolls also been done by the wife of the Prophet Muhammad as a child that is Sayiddah Aisha RA.

10. Teach Basic Skills Match Prompts Prophet
You can also teach your daughter with the basic knowledge skills recommended as archery, horse riding, swimming, martial arts and poetry.

It is a basic skill that not all parents do. Riding skills can you mix with skills in using vehicles, such as bicycles. But still supervised and given an understanding of its designation. You can suspend teach him to bring a motorcycle and a car until he is ready.

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