Early childhood education programs

Early childhood education programs

Children’s education insurance
Education is a very important asset that should be owned by someone the child, in addition to getting knowledge, education can change attitudes and character of a child. Good education began toddlers. Kids are taught a variety of skills, religious values, attitude formation.

Why early childhood education is indispensable and must be understood by the parents? 80% of brain development occurs until the age of 6 years and rest until the age of 18 years. Then in the custom of 0 to 6 years is said to be periods of golden golden age). By these conditions, early childhood education significantly affect the child’s future. After 18 years, the consumption of nutrients does not affect cognitive, brain improvement period has passed.

Education of children is the foundation towards physical pertimbuhan (motoric coordination), intellect (the intellect, logic, emotional intelligence) and communication

Briefly early childhood education has two fundamental objectives:

1.Membentuk quality child so as to have an optimum readiness to enter primary education.

2.Membantu academic readiness of a child to enter school until college. (Because at the age of 18 years or older, has a maximum brain development)

There are some differences between children with early childhood education medapat with not getting early childhood education.
Children who receive early childhood education become an independent person, easy bersosiaslisasi, had a great curiosity, quickly adapt and eager to learn.

Children who do not receive early childhood education, slow to accept something, because of the lack of readiness. Lack of self-formation and training for socializing, confidence is lacking.

In addition to the importance of early childhood education, parents need to prepare children’s education fund. In fact in the field of children’s education fund has a considerable rise 15-30% / year. Especially for college, while the average increase in the earnings of workers under 10% / year. It becomes difficult for parents who do not prepare children early education funding.

We have an article how to set up an insurance fund children’s education through the education of children disni

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