Early Childhood Education In Islam

Early Childhood Education In Islam

Early childhood education in Islam becomes very important and a major concern. Because of the importance of education, the parents will be held responsible how he educate their children. This will also apply for tutors, teachers or caregivers. Therefore give the best education for our children in accordance with Islamic Shari’a principles and to be pious and shalehah children.

In educating and teaching children certainly needed a process and takes less time. Keistiqomahan in giving positive values ​​kindness to children and families must be done patiently. Readiness material must also be prepared to realize the maximum provision of quality education and adequate for children. The obligation to provide education for children and families is an implementation of the orders of Allah mentioned in Surah At Tahrim paragraph 6

“O ye who believe, take care of yourself and your family from the Fire.” (Qur’an Surah At-Tahrim paragraph 6)

Of course, in keeping yourself and your family can begin by providing education and parenting patterns are correct. With true education will impact on the quality of the good deeds done. A deep understanding must start from the father as the head of the family at the same time the main responsible in the family, which he transmitted to the children and his wife.

There are several stages in providing education for early childhood should be done according to the corridors Islami ie

1. Choose and prepare the mother for the child

The first task that must be done is choosing mother shalehah. Mother has an important position so that the pattern of education for children can be right and good. Mother is a place where children gain knowledge and learn directly. Selection shalehah mother is in accordance with the advice and commands the Prophet in his saying that reads

“Women married for four things: wealth, kedudukanya, beauty, and religion. Choose a woman who has no religion, surely you will be lucky “(Hadith Bukhari and Muslim history).

The burden of a head of the family will become easier if the mother / wife who chooses understand the science of religion. Because the science of religion to be taught about how doing charity and good and right. Of course, knowledge of education is what will be the mother transmitted to her children.

2. Train the child worship and good deeds

Teach kindness and worship since early childhood will make the child get used so that one day when the child has grown so anakpun will be familiar with it. In addition when the children are still early in life will be easier to shape and directed an adult than a child.

Commands to train early childhood worship time that corresponds to the hadith of the Prophet which says

“Teach the children to pray at 7 years old when” (Hadith History At-Tirmidhi)

While the Qur’anic command that

“Instruct your family to pray and be patient do it” (Qur’an Surah Thoha paragraph 132).

Certainly in the running and teaches children to be patient and focused worship. Give sufficient understanding so that children excited in conducting worship and doing good.

3. Modeling in the family

Modeling is a key element in building the success of educational provision for children and families. The character and nature of children who are imitating someone else then takes his exemplary figure worthy example. If in a family environment there are no ideals then there is the empty value ruhiyah so that The children will grow into a not good. Therefore, parents should be consistent between words and actions so that children can imitate.

“O ye who believe, why do you say what you do not do. It is most wrath sight of Allah Ta’ala if you say what you do not do “(Qur’an Surah Ash Shof paragraph 2-3)

4. Provide a good environment

Parents should be able to provide a good environment for children. Environment will have a great influence on the development of children. If the environment is good, the children are likely to grow well too, and vice versa. Therefore, to find out what the state of our children then we can check with the state of his friends. Because the behavior of close friends of our children will not be so much with the attitude of our children.

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