DP House 0%: Terms and Conditions

DP House 0%: Terms and Conditions

The house becomes one of the high value assets that is very difficult to obtain. This will certainly be closely related to one’s financial ability. But basically, some adults who have worked and even been married in Indonesia have not had a private dwelling (home). Conditions like this are even worse in urban areas, given that housing is very limited and difficult to find.

Not only that, the price of land is very high would be one of the biggest causes of the difficulty of having a home in urban areas. Call it Jakarta that until now as much as 41% of its citizens do not have a private home, this is certainly a very large number, is not it?

The housing problem in Jakarta is not a new thing anymore. This has even received special attention from the Governors who have served before. As the latest breakthrough, Jakarta Capital City Governor Anies Baswedan and his Sandiago Uno vice president have promised to realize the procurement of houses with 0% DP for the citizens of the capital. This one program is certainly received remarkable welcome from the citizens of Jakarta, especially those who have been craving a decent private dwelling.

Then, what exactly is the program 0% DP and how the people of Jakarta can enjoy it?
Not only as a mere discourse, it seems that the Governor of Jakarta and its staff are trying to realize the procurement of houses with 0% DP in Jakarta area. Since the emergence of this plan, public interest has spelled out very high, even those outside Jakarta and not a citizen of the capital. How not, so far for most people of Jakarta, the desire to own a home is just a dream.

Programs planned specifically for the lower middle class people do look seductive and seem to have shown an exciting stretch. Construction of this housing has begun with the first stone laying on January 18, 2018 and in the railway Kelapa Village, precisely on the road H. Naman, duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

This activity is expected to be the starting point for the procurement program with DP 0%. This tower will be built with a total of 703 units, with a choice of buildings of type 36 and also type 21. The planned building consists of 20 floors will stand on land owned by BUMD DKI Jakarta with a range of prices ranging from Rp185 million to Rp320 million.

Although it has been done the first stone laying, but the procurement of this housing would still require a very long time. This is even justified by the Provincial Government of DKI which says that the housing is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy in 2019. That is, people who buy it not necessarily can immediately occupy the housing. As in general housing, a house with 0% DP also needs a development process first.

In addition to the above development sites, DP 0% house program will also be applied by using a number of other flats that have been owned by Jakarta Provincial Government today. This will use a number of towers that are considered feasible and categorized, at least age still below 20 years.

However, the tower that has been built since long ago also will not necessarily be inhabited by the buyer, because the city government must also do the restoration first, so the rusun-rusun become habitable. This certainly takes a long time, considering there are many towers that must be addressed, before it can be occupied well by the buyers.


For the people of Jakarta, it is important to understand well the various provisions related to this 0% DP house. This is very important, especially for those who intend to take one of these 0% DP house units offered. If you look at a fairly new procurement scheme for the people of Jakarta, then it is only natural that many people question the system to be applied in the purchase of this house.

In practice, to get DP 0% house, the Jakarta Provincial Government has implemented strict rules. This is certainly done with the aim of ensuring that this housing program will be appropriate and can be on target. In addition, the limited number of units is also another reason.

Check out the following mandatory requirements, which must be met by citizens of Jakarta in order to get DP 0% home financing:

The buyer is a resident of Jakarta and this should be indicated by the ownership of ID card in Jakarta area.
The buyer must also be over 21 years of age or married. In this case, the concerned also never receives any government subsidies of any kind for the procurement (ownership) of the house.
The buyer must be included in the category of workers who have income (salary) below Rp7 million per month, and this should be indicated by a certificate that the concerned category is included in the Low Income Society (MBR).
The buyer must have a minimum 1 year working life in another company (employee), or run a business with a minimum age of one year (self-employed). In addition, the concerned must also have a Taxpayer Tax number (NPWP), or Annual Income Tax Return (PPh) in accordance with the provisions of applicable law in Indonesia.
All the above provisions are mandatory requirements that must be met by interested citizens of Jakarta and want to follow this 0% DP housing program. But besides this, housing finance is certainly another mandatory thing to be understood well from the beginning. This is important, so the intention to have this dream house can be realized properly.

In relation to the procurement of this housing, the city government build it by using the Housing Development Liquidity Facility (FLPP) as well as cooperation with the PUPR Ministry which has 1% DP dwelling program. In this case the DP 1% will not be charged to the buyer, but the city government finances the DP by using APBD budget. That is, buyers do not need to issue a number of DP to get this DP 0% house, because the DP is borne by the city government itself.

For housing finance, Jakarta Provincial Government implements 5% flat installment interest with long tenor, which is maximum for 20 years. This financing is done in cooperation with national banks that have been appointed by the Provincial Government of DKI.


As with other housing procurement programs in Indonesia, this home purchase program with DP 0% will also require a number of credit application requirements that have been applied by the bank as a credit provider and in cooperation with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. But beyond the standard requirements of the bank, the purchase of houses with 0% DP is also required to meet the requirements submitted by the city government itself.

The buyer must meet all the requirements, especially the 4 main conditions as above, which has been established by the Provincial Government of DKI since long ago. If the buyer has met the main requirement, then the process of filing a purchase of houses with DP 0% can be processed as the filing of housing loans in general. Usually in the filing of this credit agreement, the bank will ask for a variety of standard requirements, such as: KTP, KK, Salary Slip, Work Certificate, Saving Book, and others.

Various requirements above must be met well by prospective buyers, so the process of filing a 0% home loan this can run well and smoothly. For potential buyers who are troubled with the various supporting documents required in this process, it’s a good idea to take care of them as soon as possible.
Understand, Calculate and Prepare Terms Well
Applying for a 0% DP home purchase will keep the buyer with a fixed monthly bill (installment) in the long run. it is important to understand all the rules related to this 0% DP house, so that future problems and potential losses can be avoided. In addition, the buyer must also perform financial calculations first, so the purchase of this house does not cause financial problems in the future.


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