Do You Want to Open a Deposit? Notice the Following

Do You Want to Open a Deposit? Notice the Following

Investing is the best way to increase the amount of wealth coffers. The more invested, the more the amount of profit that will be obtained. Well, one of the investment products is quite popular is the deposit.

Deposits are a good investment for beginners. Because Because deposits are not affected by the movement of financial markets that many influenced national and global economic conditions. If you want to improve the level of economy, there is no harm in choosing deposits as an instrument to place your more funds.

The process of making deposits is also fairly easy. Almost every bank has this one product. And we know, in the world of investment, the higher the risk, the greater the benefits offered. Although deposits have a fairly low risk, but still promising a maximum profit.

Although the level of deposit risk is relatively small, it does not mean you can underestimate investment products on this one. If not managed properly, it is not impossible you do not get the maximum profit as the initial calculation you do.

To that end, before starting to open deposits, you should consider the following things:

1. Choose the Deposit Timeframe You Will Take

Before deciding to open a deposit, specify in advance how long the period will you take later, whether 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months? Keep in mind, deposit products will provide maximum benefits for long-term goals.

However, it all comes back to your wants and needs. If you want to take advantage of the benefits in the short term, then you can choose to deposit with a period of 1 month or 3 months, up to 6 months. Do not forget, to pay attention to when the due date for disbursement before the deposit will automatically proceed.

2. How to Deposit Deposits?

More investment instruments will certainly be more profitable for those of you who have a lot of excess funds. You can choose the time period on different deposit investments. Some can be placed on long-term deposits, and some can be in short-and medium-term tenors.

The technique of channeling deposits in different time periods can be used as an analysis to know the liquidity of the deposit itself. If the short-term deposit liquidity is greater, next time you can choose the short-term deposits, and vice versa.

3. Determine the amount of your Deposit Deposit

All banks operating in Indonesia offer investment products to their customers. Minimum deposit amount invested in deposits also vary. However, the initial minimum deposit amount is approximately Rp8 million.

Before you deposit how much money will be deposited, there will usually be a calculator for the simulation of the proceeds from the funds deposited in the future deposit until maturity. Well, by knowing how much money your money will be deposited later, then you can choose how much money will be placed later.

4. Understand How to Deposit Disbursement

Savings and deposits are two different types of financial instruments. If the savings, then you can withdraw at any time. But it does not happen on deposits. Money on the deposit can only be withdrawn when it is due. Even so, there are provisions that can be cashed before maturity but you have to pay a fine set by the bank. Of course, the length of disbursement of your deposits will depend on the number of periods taken.

5. Know How Much Deposit Interest Is Offered

Each bank offers different interest rates on its depository products. Well, you can compare the deposit rates between one bank with another bank. Choose as you wish and which you think will give you more profit on your funds later.

The amount of deposit interest is sometimes also depends on the length of time your placement of funds. The longer period of time deposit placements selected, the greater the interest given.

6. Note Time Deposit Maturity

The maturity of the deposit investment is the time for disbursement of funds. If you choose a time deposit of 12 months, then at that time you must dilute it if it really does want the money. Because if not, then your money will be automatically continued on the next 12 month period.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Deposits?

For deposit investment, there are some advantages such as:

The level of risk is minimal, so as not to make customers worried
Deposit money deposited may be used as collateral when applying for credit
Initial deposit is not too burdensome
If there is an excess, then surely there will be no deficiencies. Then, what are the shortcomings of investing in these deposits:

Interest rates are relatively small compared to other investments, especially the stock market
There is a provision of time, which makes the disbursement should not be done at will

Deposits are taxable if the amount is more than Rp7, 5 million. A tax amount of 20% of total deposits
Pay Attention to Good and Choose the Investment Deposits Desired

Placing and depositing is not solely for securing money only. However, you must also determine the purpose of placing the money in the deposit, whether for short, medium, or long term.

 By paying attention to the rules of the game on deposit, then you will get the optimal benefits. And the most important thing is to manage your finances by setting aside some money to invest, so that your future is bright. asuransi pendidikan