Do This 5 Easy Ways To Be A Good Reputation At The Office

Do This 5 Easy Ways To Be A Good Reputation At The Office

Everyone who works will want to have a judgment or a good reputation in the eyes of colleagues and bosses. Because, reputasilah that will bring someone to a higher career ladder. asuransi pendidikan

Indeed this looks easy to do, but it turns out to have a good reputation in the eyes of others let alone superiors certainly not as easy as said. There are several things to do in order to keep the career going well and the career also increased.

Although it does not sound easy, it does not mean it can not be done, does it? Originally there is a will to do it, surely can. For that, follow some of the following to get a good reputation in the office.

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1. Use Social Media Well
social media
Use Social Media Well

Most people really can not get out of social media, one of which not a few people who often complain in the account of his personal property. In fact, what is written or uploaded indirectly can be a picture of one’s identity.

If you are a person who often do that, certainly not very good because it will greatly affect the good or bad reputation in the office. Stop doing this which of course can endanger yourself if your boss sees your post.

Try to spread useful content in order to inspire many people, for example, motivational words, side business and so on. That way, surely you will get a good assessment by superiors in the office.

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2. Come On Time
Come to the Office on Time

When already an employee in an office, of course, must obey all the rules that exist there. Well the most important rule is to arrive on time. This is very important because it can build a good reputation for yourself in the office.

Moreover, it can indicate that you are a personal person who is disciplined and also committed in carrying out the task. If coming on time has become a habit that every day is done, colleagues and superiors can become more confident in the potential that you have.

3. Body Language Firm and Open
Address the Body Language Firm and Open

Another way that can be done to build a good reputation in the office is through body language. Body language that you can apply is firm and open. For example, like having a good posture, sitting or standing properly and upright, not folding arms, shaking hands well, and always speaking in a loud voice that shows that you are someone who is confident. Body language like that will greatly affect the reputation at the office.

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4. Consistent at Any Time
work in the office

Not only has a firm and open body language, has a good reputation also seen from how consistent you are doing, be it in the office or outside the office. Both are necessary, because it will greatly affect the good habits are done.

Consistent here refers to the positive thing you do. For example, you can complete tasks in the office in a timely manner, satisfactory work results, in accordance with the targets addressed to superiors and always try to be better.

5. Give Good Work
good work
Give Good Work

Another simple thing that can be done to achieve a good reputation in the office, one of which is to work well. If you are given a job by a boss, there is nothing wrong first talk about the job so that the results in accordance with the wishes of superiors.

Especially when the results are exceeded the expectations of superiors, it is not impossible. In addition, If given the deadline for completing work tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, try to finish it before the deadline arrives.

Do the best job possible
Well, if you are an employee in the office, it is better to maintain a good reputation so as not to damage the self image in the eyes of colleagues and superiors. In addition to being a responsible employee because it always accomplishes the job well, you also need to maintain good relationships to colleagues and employers in the office. There is no result that betrays the effort, if something is done as well as possible, then the results will also be good.