Different Types of Traffic Strikes Need to Know

Different Types of Traffic Strikes Need to Know

Driving rules and traffic rules are applied throughout the countries of the world. The rules between one country are different from other countries. In Indonesia alone, every rider is required to comply with traffic signs. In addition, riders must also wear safety. Such as, helmets for motorcyclists and seatbelts for car drivers. asuransi pendidikan

The high number of accidents in Indonesia caused by the driver is not careful when driving. They also often do not wear safety and violate traffic lights. Not infrequently also the driver did not complete the letters he should have brought while driving. So they are fined according to the article contained in the Law on driving.

Understanding traffic rules will certainly keep you out of accidents and fines. Here are the traffic rules that need to be known.

1. No SIM

Driving License or Driver’s License is mandatory when someone wants to drive. If the SIM does not exist, then someone is not yet legally said to be the driver. This applies to all riders, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

Those without a driver’s license will be punished according to the law in Indonesia. The punishment is in the form of prison confinement or a maximum fine of Rp1 million. For those who do not want this to happen, make sure to have a SIM first before deciding to drive.

2. Incomplete STNK

Vehicle registration or Vehicle Number Certificate is very important as a valid proof of who owns the vehicle. For those who want to travel, always take this vehicle registration. Especially if you want to park it in a mall, office, or hotel.

Usually this vehicle registration will be shown after you finish affairs somewhere. If you forgot to bring the vehicle registration, then during inspection, you and the vehicle will be intercepted. You will also be suspected of being a thief who wants to take a ride on someone else’s vehicle.

Besides being a proof in a shopping center or hotel, the vehicle registration is also useful when there is a raid. Usually the police will check all the completeness of the drive. If you forgot to bring the vehicle registration during the raid, it must be ready to pay a maximum fine of Rp200.000 or two months in prison.

3. Violating Traffic Signs

This is the most common mistake on the road, let alone in Indonesia. Many people want to get to the destination so they do not pay attention to the traffic lights. For two-wheelers or four-wheelers, always look for signs of traffic signs. In addition to avoiding fines and imprisonment, you will also survive the accident.

Those found in violation of traffic signs will be subject to a maximum fine of Rp500,000 or maximum imprisonment of two months in jail.

4. Drive Exceeding Speed ​​Limits

Both cars and motorcycles, both have a maximum speed limit. If you violate this point, you must be prepared to pay a maximum fine of Rp500,000 or a maximum of two months’ imprisonment.

5. Not Using Safety

Safety for the two-wheeled driver is a helmet and seatbelt for the four-wheeled driver. This provision is not only for drivers, but also for passengers. If you violate this point, you will also be subject to sanctions and penalties such as previous points.

6. Not Fulfilling Technical Requirements

Technical requirements of four-wheeled vehicles of course different from the two wheels. For four wheels, the accessories include: rearview mirror, headlights, horns, brake lights, backlight, bumper, and windshield. If this is incomplete, then you will be subject to a maximum fine of Rp500,000 or a maximum of two months’ imprisonment.

For two-wheeled vehicles, the completeness of: main lights, brake lights, horns, motorcycle built-in exhaust, rearview mirror, and speed gauge. For those who do not complete the technical requirements will be imposed a maximum penalty of two months imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp250.000.

Comply with Regulations for the Safety of All
If you want to avoid imprisonment and penalties, obey the driving rules and traffic signs applicable in Indonesia. That’s the kind of general traffic order that needs to be known.