Developing Talent and Self Potential

Developing Talent and Self Potential

Many people ask themselves, what exactly is their talent and what is their own potential that can be developed. Talent and self potential into a topic that is discussed due to feel the importance that will support his future life whether it is related to work or others. Uniquely not many people really want to know after what talent and self potential into a skill that for example be the main job. Usually people even return to the mainstream work that is in the environment, while talent and potential itself serve as a hobby or activity in spare leisure only.

Easy talent is the ability / competence to knowledge and skills. In other words, this talent is something that is already owned either because of practice or because of his favorite which resulted in someone concentrated there. While the potential of self is the ability / competence of a person who has not developed optimally. Talent and potential have in common, where the first, the same competence possessed, and also has not been realized maximally, other language performance is not maximal. But here I prefer to use. This talent can start from the hobby, or it could be otherwise.

Children if the attention is more clear, it will appear tendency, for example he will be more excited with regard to the robot, so he collects and makes his own robot. Over time he was able to make a sophisticated robot. If you have a child who has such talents, what you can do to develop his talent is, by providing support both psychologically and in real terms. By inviting him to follow the competence related to the robot. Providing support is one way of developing one’s talents.

But if you have this talent is your own and want to develop it either make as a profession or another is with more konsen again to this activity, always take the time to add competence related to robot, follow the community, and so forth. Simply so.


If you are already in the early adulthood stage and want to develop this talent, for example that is related to the robot, it can also be used as a main job. For example being a manufacturer of robot toys for children, setting up a training ground to assemble robots or taking lectures related to robotic majors. Connect each activity with the talent before, so to develop talent and self potential will be easy to do.

The challenge is when in early adulthood, for example after college, between developing the talent before, which could also have the perception that not necessarily will produce enough financial for you or the parents or the surrounding environment is less able to approve. Which results in your talent and potential not being developed and returned to mainstream jobs that may not be suitable for you.

If you feel you can not find it instead of developing your own talent and potential. It’s good you do a review of yourself, what activities you think is fun and you just master it. But if you have not met too, or there are some types that you like, the last step is to use tools. Alias ​​tests interest and talent.

This interest and talent test is a good idea not to be done alone, but to the already expert, where is it? Minimal in psychology institution. Why not test yourself? Because this interest and talent test requires complex interpretation, it is necessary for the expert to do so. In addition to the tests, there are also interviews to deepen the data needed to find it.

But there are feel embarrassed or do not want to go there, you can also to use online psychological personality tests. At least can map your trends. Or try a variety of online tests that exist diinternet. If still not satisfied, trust me. Go to a psychologist, to help you discover and develop your talents and potential.


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