Dear Millenial, Consider This Before Gonta Replace Phone

Dear Millenial, Consider This Before Gonta Replace Phone

Gen Y or often called millennial grows with technological sophistication that continues to grow rapidly. Lifestyle generation 20-30 years of age is all online because pampered with internet services and support smart phone devices (smartphones). The term is still, if baseball online, baseball slang.

Feature millenial generation want to always appear whenever and wherever. Snap photos, edit them and upload them on social media. All that can be done with smart phones. No wonder when smart phones today have become the basic needs of everyone, including kids today.

Every day almost there is the latest smart phone products that slide into the market. If you have this, luggage ‘hungry eyes’. The desire to replace the phone unstoppable again. But unfortunately, many young people now buy mobile phones just because of the follow-up trend, prestige, show off or want to say up to date. Yet the old phone still works.

No wonder millenial salaries run out not to install home or investment for the future, but because of a consumptive lifestyle. One of them yes gonta replace smart phones, in addition to traveling.

Most millenials want three key features in their smartphones. Especially if not for narcissistic. Three features that, among other cameras okay, bigger memory, and long battery life. Understandably the demands of young people today, upload photos, videos, but also can play the game so that requires these features.

Moreover, the intensity of the millenial generation of mobile phones is very frequent, 24 hours nonstop times well. Starting from waking up to sleep again never separated from the name of the phone. They may be more willing to miss the wallet, than to not carry a cell phone. Can die deh style.

Just so you know, millenials prefer to use the iPhone rather than the phone with the Android operating system. Though in terms of price, the iPhone is much more expensive than a robot green smart phones. But yes again because it holds the phone made by Apple that was initiated by Steve Jobs, can raise the prestige of the owner.

His name is also expensive products, the camera is embedded in this technology device is very slick because it uses a photodiode sensor (pixels) that can produce very clear photos. Other advantages, high security features and easy way of usage.

For you millenial generation who is tempted to change the phone model most gress, mending first think of the following things:

Measure Income or Salary
Before mutually replace the smart phone, you should see the financial condition first. If you are a conglomerate, buying a gold-plated phone is also a problem. But if a mediocre income is just enough to eat and pay for kos-kosan, hang out occasionally, then consider again deh mutual intentions replace smart phones.

The latest series of smart phones usually set a high price to tens of millions of dollars for a particular brand. While millennial generations of millennial salaries are mostly still in the single digit level. If forced to buy, can be big pegs than a pole right.

Remember Installment
Do not rush to replace the latest mobile phone output as long as you still have many installments. Whether it’s credit card installments, property installments, or installments credit other electronic instruments. It’s useless you can buy a cell phone, but there is a debt arrears.

If the bill is unpaid, you should be prepared to face a debt collector or debt collector and ultimately must be willing to lose property. Always try to keep the total debt and repayment ratios do not exceed 30% -40% of the net income received.

Smart Phone Not Investment
Buying a phone is just for styles, it does not benefit at all. Money quickly sold out because of mutual mobile phone to follow the trend that will never end. Just imagine the price of the iPhone X dibanderol about Rp 17 million, while Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which will slide next August will be sold starting from the price of USD 1.158 or about Rp 16.79 million (exchange rate Rp 14.500 per USD).

Although the price is already equal to the price of one motor unit, smart phones are not a profitable investment product considering the price is likely to continue to fall every year as the latest models are released to the market. Mirisnya again if really again sag, the price of smart phones seken can decline significantly if resold.

It would be nice if your salary is set aside for investment in gold, foreign exchange, stocks, mutual funds, or other products that offer high yields. If you need to start thinking about opening pension fund savings for the welfare of old age.

When is the Time to Replace Mobile Phone?

Although not the wrong thing, but millenial should replace the phone when circumstances are urgent so that the old device can no longer be used.

Severely damaged by falling and crushed vehicle, so crushed and completely dead
Falling to the bottom of the sea, so it can not be saved anymore
Lost was stolen thief and did not return
Job profession demands, such as mobile phones as a work tool that requires a phone with a larger capacity RAM.

If your old phone still works well to support your daily activities, no need to replace it with a new smart phone. Moreover, the feature is just a little different, for example there is only an increase in camera features on the latest phones.

Wisely In Making Decisions

Millennials, replacing mobile phones also require careful consideration. If you go wrong and let yourself drift in the flow of technology trends for a moment’s pleasure, then you can even die style in the old days. Let’s not until the old days, could be dug holes continue to cover the cost of daily living. Be a wise young generation in making decisions.