Dangers of Social Media Addiction and How to Overcome It

Dangers of Social Media Addiction and How to Overcome It

The era of internet technology can no longer be separated from the daily routines of today’s society. The service makes it easy for people to access any information, so practical and fast. The internet has a positive impact on one’s life.

Along with the development of the internet, various social media or social media were born. This social network is present to meet the needs of the community to interact with each other in cyberspace. You can chat or chat with people far away in other countries only through social media applications.

With social media, you can also find old friends, have new friends, join a new community, upload photos and videos, share stories, and sell. But don’t be mostly nosy. Sosmed will give you an exciting experience. All of this is definitely fun, especially for those of you who like to interact with many people.

Something that is excessive is certainly not good, as well as social media. It’s so fun, playing social media can cause addiction. If you are addicted, a lot of things cause negative things, such as being lazy to learn, unwilling to eat, working so badly, and so on.

The Bad Effects of Social Medication

Being socialized at an early stage, the impact will not be significant. But try if it’s acute in the long run, this addiction will bring many problems in your life, even including work and other matters. This is unfortunate, considering that social media initially could be a place of positive interaction, it actually creates serious problems for its users.

Some negative effects that can occur due to social addiction, namely:

1. Acute Sleep Disorders

Accessing social media while relaxing is a common thing. But for people who are addicted, every time they never miss the gadget to see their social media accounts. Maybe 24 hours are up to play social media, and finally interfere with sleep hours.

These habits will certainly have a bad impact on health because they already experience acute sleep disorders. If you have this, you can get less sleep, and the effects affect learning, work, and others

2. Excessive Tiredness and Difficult Concentration

Lack of hours of sleep or even sleep that is not qualified clearly can interfere with health. Other effects, the level of concentration becomes low and causes excessive fatigue, the body is not fit, and often sleepy while undergoing daily routines

3. Higher Stress Levels and Unstable Emotions

When a person lacks sleep and the hours of sleep become irregular, then that person can easily experience stress. Affect activities? Of course yes. Productivity becomes disrupted, even though there are job responsibilities or other things that must be resolved.

This condition can be exacerbated by high work pressure, even other personal problems that are quite heavy. Finally, it creates an emotional level that is unstable and tends to change.

4. Eye Disorders

Too long and often access social media can have an adverse effect on the sense of sight or eyes. Playing sosmed on the gadget while lying down for example, it will make the eyes get tired quickly, and a disease that can damage the eyes can arise

5. Become Obvious of the Environment and People Around

Like the phrase “sosmed keep away from the close,” that is the truth. Sometimes we see, one family is eating at the dinner table, the child is busy playing social media, mother and father are the same. Finally not chatting with each other, because all are busy with cellphones and social media.

Social media addiction can aggravate one’s attitude in the surrounding environment, even to the closest people, such as family and friends. It is as if the world belongs alone, so people who have been socialized to their attitude tend to be indifferent to the surroundings.

6. Excessive Depression and Anxiety

Through social media, someone will show their side of life. Being sad, happy, or doing what it was at the time, everything was expressed. Expressions like this can be positive and negative things that turn into pressure. Various conditions that are seen and found on sosmed can cause depression, anxiety, anxiety, especially for people who are addicted.

Social media addiction must be overcome quickly and accurately in order to avoid various problems or the effects of addiction that are more acute and serious. If it can’t change drastically, like a total stop, you can do it gradually. Relax, social media detox is easy like this:

1. Have a strong determination to change

The first step is to understand well the problem of addiction that is being experienced. This is important to know precisely the various adverse effects that have been experienced due to social addiction.

After that, you must have a strong determination to change and improve yourself, including clear goals in the process of change. This will be the main capital in dealing with social media addiction disorders, so that the process becomes easier and more directed.

2. Limit Online Time

Start with the simplest steps, such as limiting the time to go online on social media. If during this time 24 hours a day social media access, then from now open social media during leisure time after returning home. You can also occupy yourself by doing various daily routines, so that your hands “don’t itch” again to go online.

3. Do Exciting Hobbies

Sosmed sometimes makes someone forget himself, even forgetting his own hobby. Try to be more active to pursue hobbies that have been abandoned, so that the desire to always access social media can be suppressed.

Take time to do other activities that are more useful and have not yet been realized, for example visiting old friends or relatives, climbing mountains, making cakes, family favorites, and others.

4. Spend time with the closest person

If all this time it has ‘sunk’ too deeply in socializing and ignoring the family, try to change now. Spend more time with family, siblings, or with dear friends going to the movies, eating out, and more. This will be pleasant and distract from social media slowly.

5. Use Sosmed Wisely

Choose other sources of news or information that are more precise and accurate than social media, so that you don’t waste too much time accessing various things on social media. This way means you are using social media wisely. If you have good control when bersosmed, then the addiction is certainly gone, right?

Change Slowly and In the Right Way
Eliminating an addiction is certainly not easy, even though it is a social addiction. In order for this change process to not feel heavy and difficult to implement, make changes slowly by choosing the right ways. This will bring many more positive changes, until finally it can have good self-control to limit social media access itself.