Countries with the Most Debt in the World

Countries with the Most Debt in the World

Developing countries can be arguably the most owed country abroad. But, do not get me wrong, many developed countries are also a hobby owe to build his country to be as beautiful as today. The amount of loans proposed by each country is also bombastic. No longer billions, even trillions also exist. asuransi pendidikan
1. United States

Who would have thought a super power state like America has so much debt? The extraordinary or super-fancy lifestyle of Americans has brought this country to an enormous amount of debt.

In early 2018, America had recorded a record debt of US $ 19.947 billion or equivalent to Rp274 trillion. A very bombastic amount!

2. Greece
The country inhabited by smart people though can also record a huge amount of debt. One of the causes of the accumulation of Greek state debt is the number of companies that go bankrupt because they can not compete. In addition, the lifestyle of people in Greece is also very glamorous. Every weekend, they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money for party all night.

Large amounts of debt were eventually overcome by a substantial reduction of GDP by the Greek government to this day.

3. Japan

The debt ratio held by Japan is 234.7% compared to the total GDP owned. The number is increasing drastically every year considering the high number of development conducted by the Japanese government for his country, especially in the field of technology.

4. People’s Republic of China

In recent years, China’s PRC has also been hit by unfavorable economic problems. This country began shaken economic crisis due to too dependent on other countries. In addition, the lifestyle of people in China is very high class also encourage the level of economic crisis.

However, this economic crisis seems to be overcome little by little. This is due to the increasing number of tourists who visit the land of this giant wall that is believed to increase the country’s foreign exchange.

5. Italy

Italy is the second country to have the greatest amount of debt after Greece. A country that is greatly glorified because the story of history is forced to bear the large amount of debt due to the many people in Italy are unemployed.

As we know, unemployment in the countries of Europe becomes the responsibility of the government. The government is obliged to give support to the community in order to survive. This is what Italy is feeling. If the country can not afford to pay its debts, the economic crisis may be twice as severe as what happened in Greece.

6. Germany

Germany is an advanced country in education and economy. However, Germany is also not free from debt. The high amount of development in Germany causes this country must be willing to owe overseas. Until now, the amount of debt borne by Germany amounted to US $ 2.491 billion or equivalent to Rp 34 trillion.

7. Portugal

The economic crisis that occurred in 2014 ago was still a hard blow for Portugal. The debt ratio held by Portugal in 2017 is 126.2% compared to the amount of GDP earned. This number has been reduced successfully when compared with the year 2016 ago.

8. Jamaica
Caribbean country this one also did not escape the debt. The ratio of debt held by Jamaica reached 130.1% compared to the country’s GDP levels. The high rate of this ratio is due to Jamaica doing a very large loan amount in 10 years in a row.

9. Eritrea

This small country on the African continent is also listed as the largest borrowing country in the world. The ratio of GDP to the amount of debt amounted to 119.8%, making this country is often struck by the never-ending economic crisis since 1998.

10. Ireland

The country located in the northwestern part of Europe has a debt ratio of 122.8% of its GDP. However, the debt borne by the country’s capital Dublin seems to be diminishing since the refinancing or refinancing program of the Irish government.

Indonesian Debt Not Yet

Indonesia is known to have unemployment and high debt seems to be nothing compared to other countries in the world. Be thankful we are not included in the country with the greatest debt.