Cost of living

Cost of living

A sum amounting to Rp 1 BILLION

Insurance money is stored and used by his family left behind and may last until the age of 55 years (Mr Heng Retirement Plan).

Needs Approachment is a concept of life insurance money that is calculated based on the cost of living up to the needs of the youngest child reaching adulthood or established in a plain ordinary start working after graduating from college until the age of 22 years.

For example, Mr. Heng was 45 years old working as a technician has a revenue of Rp 5 million per month and have a youngest child aged 10 years, in case of risk of death in Mr Heng at the age of 45 years, the life insurance money that his ideal is:


A sum amounting to Rp 1.4 BILLION

Assuming inflation increase the cost of living 10% / year and the rising cost of education 10% / year his year, the life insurance money is kept by the family that can be used until the child graduated from college and established in the work.

Capital Needs Approachment is a concept of life insurance money that is required by the needs of living expenses per year obtained from the deposit for example fixed rate of 6% Annually her and if the need for cost of living was already fulfilled until a predetermined then capital fund insurance money in deposited can be inherited or be used to open a business in order to grow.

Case in Mr Heng was 45 years old working as a technician has a revenue of Rp 5 million per month, if there is a risk to Mr Heng died at the age of 45 years, the life insurance money that ideal is:

((Rp 5 million per month X 12 months): (Flower Deposit0 6%)) X 80% (Tax Deposits 20%) = USD 800 million

Once you know the concept of life insurance money that you think you fit the profile of your needs then you are searching for other information that it can be your consideration in determining the life insurance money according to safe and nice

Here’s an example of when a rill that you can save money on life insurance

Name breadwinner: Bp Andriyanto

Age 30 years

Smoking status: Yes

Income: USD 6 million / month

Number of children 3

Total premium of Rp 1 million / month

Tell Mr. Andriyanto died a few things such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes or vehicle accident

Mr. Andriyanto recently deceased died while saving up to 1 month. How many death benefit gained?

The family will receive death benefit amounting to Rp 2 billion. The money obtained will be switched into deposit products with interest rate of 6% / year. Then the interest earned from the donation of 2 billion was 6% x Rp 2 billion of USD 120 million / year or Rp 10 million / month. (Not including the reduction of interest on deposits 20%)

Alm income is only Rp 6 million / month, but when the deceased died will be replaced by a larger income to Rp 10 million / month.

Is alm family helped ??

Then how when her husband was healthy

Relax, your money will be lost as BPJS. Because of the nature of this insurance is like a long-term savings. If you are saving for

10 years, the results obtained savings amounting to Rp 140 – Rp 160 million

If you are saving money in the bank with the same money, then you only get Rp 12 million x 10 years of Rp 120 million, not cut admin costs and does not have other facilities.

If you are saving for

15 years, the results obtained savings amounting to Rp 360 – Rp 400 million

20 years, makas results obtained savings amounting to Rp 730 – Rp 800 million

Why companies can provide these benefits benefits of this?

Because of the excellent company in investing customer funds and the selection process is very strict.

The selection process is carried out is

phase 1

Selection file medical history, smoking status, type of work, criminal acts, alcohol, family medical history, etc.

phase 2

Do a general check-up and testing conducted at a nearby hospital (cost covered by insurance)

From the discussion of life insurance, there are two things that we have received:

1. This information is very important, but only limited information. We ignored this important matter and to sacrifice our families against the risk that inevitably comes (death is a definite risk)

2. This information is very important and you want to take action to protect your family from the risk of financial loss to the impacts that will come.

If you choose option 2, please fill out the form below for free consultations, we are licensed as insurance agents and professionals in the field. Will provide advice and solutions regarding life insurance to suit your needs.

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