Continue to Study Master of Management in Surabaya? This Recommended Plus Cost Details

Continue to Study Master of Management in Surabaya? This Recommended Plus Cost Details

In addition to health, management seems to be the most popular majors. For those of you who graduated from Surabaya S1 with linear majors and want to further study, Master of Management is available at PT your home town. So, do not need all the way to another city. Curious what kind of PT? Immediately see the PT and details the cost.

1. Ubaya (University of Surabaya)

One of the prestigious universities in Surabaya offering postgraduate programs is Ubaya. For those of you who are interested to enter this PT, record the costs required. First, the registration fee which includes the registration form Rp150 thousand and the Academic Potential Tests Rp250 thousand, a total of Rp400 thousand. asuransi pendidikan

Then, matriculation Rp950 thousand / course. This fee is for 8 meetings and includes text book, advanced matriculation, and dinner. Program costs or variables Rp1.294 thousand.

The cost per semester is Rp12,528 thousand (semester 1), Rp19,410 thousand (semester 2), Rp7,746 thousand (short semester), and Rp15,528 thousand (semester 3). The total cost of the program is Rp58,230 thousand. This fee includes text book, hand out, completion of the thesis, Business Visit (subsidies), seminars, and dinner.

2. Unair (Airlangga University)

The next college you can enroll in the Management S2 program is Unair. Tuition fees for all majors include SOP (Education Operational Contributions) and SP3 (Contribution of Development and Improvement of Education).

For those of you who want to work while studying, do not worry, because here is offered afternoon classes and weekend classes. The cost of both is not much different. For the afternoon class, sequentially SOP, SP3, and matrikulasinya costs Rp8, 5 million, Rp7, 5 million, and Rp3 million. As for the weekend class, it costs Rp9 million, Rp7, 5 million, and Rp3 million.

3. Untag (University of 17 August 1945)

Department of Master of Management in Surabaya you can also take on campus Untag. Tuition fees are the same as Law Science and Civil Engineering. Sequentially from term I to V, the cost is Rp7 million, Rp5 million, Rp4 million, Rp3 million, and Rp3 million. So, if totaled, the amount is Rp22 million. As for the registration form Rp500 thousand.

Other costs are Her-ragistrasi per semester of Rp250 thousand. There is also the cost of thesis guidance (Rp4, 5 million) which includes ploting supervisors, proposal seminars, progress report seminars, and thesis examinations. In addition to the thesis exam which is Rp1.5 million, the other 3 expenses are Rp1 million each. Money Rp500 thousand also charged during the re-exam thesis.

Conditions to be able to list S2 here are the form, copy of diploma and transcript of S1 score that has been legalized, letter of assignment or study permit, and certificate of paying tuition (stamped). Then, you should also include a photograph, a copy of your ID card, and the most important one, you must pass the entrance selection test.

4. STIE Perbanas

The next university in Surabaya that offers Management S2 program is STIE Perbanas. If you want to master Management here, there are some conditions that you must meet.

Completed forms, photocopies of diplomas and transcripts, recent photographs, letters of recommendation from superiors or supervisors S1, GPA S1 minimum 2.75. For registration fee and entrance test, the amount of Rp350 thousand. While the overall cost for the morning class Rp21 million, night class Rp32 million, and weekend class Rp40 million.

Other universities in Surabaya that offer the Master of Management program are STIESIA (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia). Most of these colleges include entrance exams. Well, so you can be directly accepted, learn what kind of exam and continue to do the exercises. Good luck!