Comfort and Right Childbirth Place

Comfort and Right Childbirth Place

Childbirth is the most important moments in a mother’s life. Waiting for a baby to be born in the world becomes one of the moments that keeps the mother impatient. Often the mother prepares for all needs for the baby with careful planning.

Starting from small things such as clothing needs to the needs of childbirth. To provide good service requires good preparation also for the sake of the continuity of birth. At the age of 9 months of pregnancy, often a mother prepares for delivery.

They are not just relying on a good place for labor, but also how good the service is from the delivery center. No wonder if the mother often consider from one place to another. If you have control in a particular hospital, would definitely choose a place of delivery in the hospital. Likewise if you control the midwife it is likely to also deliver at home through the midwife’s help.

No need to pay attention where you choose where to deliver. The most important thing is to get a safe service during childbirth. It does not matter if you give birth at the hospital with the help of a specialist or at home through a midwife’s help. Most important is the smoothness of labor. However, even if you are okay when you are going to be in labor, it does not mean you choose a place of birth originally.

You also need to pay attention to the ability of doctors or fields in assisting the birth process. If a bad condition suddenly happens, the doctor or midwife can handle it. Here are 3 tips on choosing the right birthing place.

1. Maternal and Child Hospital

Choosing where to deliver in a special hospital mother and child is the right choice to help the birth process. Although public hospitals can help but the ability of personnel and medical devices are also different.

The ability of doctors in maternal and child hospitals is better than general practitioners, because the delivery physician will know better how to handle it. This needs to be considered, if you want to give birth at the hospital, should do the same hospital control.

The way it is done so that doctors who deal with the same and the doctor knows the progress from time to time. That way, the doctor knows what steps to take if something happens to you. In addition, the maternity hospital also provides complete medical equipment, so that handling is also faster.

2. House

Currently, giving birth at home is rare. This is because the risk is high if you give birth at home. There is no complete medical equipment and doctors or midwives can only help with makeshift equipment. The house is not the right place to help make the delivery.

Although the doctor or midwife has brought medical equipment, but we never know the risks that will occur at an unknown time. Should not choose a home as a place of birth, this is very high risk. Especially for those experiencing pregnancy problems.

3. Midwife

Childbirth in the midwife has no ban because it is handled by the experts. Some people even the government also suggested to choose a place of birth at the midwife clinic. However, you should also be prepared to take care of referrals in case of undesirable things during childbirth.

The hospital provides more complete medical equipment and has a specialist who knows more about your condition. If you do not have a pregnancy problem, of course there is no problem if choosing a midwife to help the delivery process.

Choose the Most Convenient and Match the Needs and Finance

Three places of birth need to be considered based on the condition of pregnancy. If you want security and careful preparation, then choose a mother and child hospital for delivery. It all depends on you in responding to the right choice.

Note the condition of pregnancy in order to prepare everything maturely, because safety determines the success in childbirth. Do not forget also, adjust to the financial condition.


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