Choosing the Best Elementary School Grade 1 in Jakarta

Choosing the Best Elementary School Grade 1 in Jakarta

October was a historic month for the mother whose child was in kindergarten B or K2 (the term TK B to an international school). In October and November are usually the opening of enrollment grade 1, which do many schools in Jakarta. Parents who are not responsive, it will usually get behind the opening and closing of the student enrollment. It is conceivable, as well as the opening of registration Sower CPC grade 1 Sunrise Garden, conducted in early October, and closed in an instant.

There are so many parents who want to register the shock. It is conceivable, parents thinking hard, where a son or daughter will take the best elementary, but in reality the registration is already on the cap. The school states already selling forms of hard sell, and as the info, they only provide 2 classes, where one class is already full with children who come from the old TK Sower CPC Sunrise Garden.

It is not we think business schools such behavior, to enter grade 1 Sower CPC only to queue up like queuing up groceries, and can not even basic food needs because it has run out. Why is that? Because of grade 1 is the nadir of our children’s education before going through junior high, high school, college. The more basic or elementary education our children are nice, the easier they are through the lessons at a higher level, and also easier to achieve best universities as accepted at prestigious universities such as UI (University of Indonesia), ITB, Nanyang, NUS, UNSW, Melbourne etc, British Columbia, or the world’s top ten universities in the US or UK. And also thanks gratitude is a passport to get a scholarship.

Actually ranking first elementary school in Jakarta where the heck? Based on data from the UN, SD IPEKA Puri is a school that managed to pass his students to be perfect scores in all grades UN (National Examination SD). Although up can be said IPEKA Puri as the Best in Jakarta. Followed by (I forget the sequence) ratings as follows UN SD Al Azhar, SD BPK Penabur in road construction, the CPC Sower SD Sunrise Garden, Santa Ursula, Tunas Muda, etc. For data ranking UN, many international schools is far below the national school. This is possible due to the preparation of UN international school usually only mempersiapakan in 7 months, and the language barrier because of grade 1 using the English language, although there are also Indonesian material.

Thorough has carefully, it turns out there are 4 choices of parents entering grade 1 for children, the first elementary private schools using the national curriculum, the school is like CPC Penabur that many branches, Tarakanita, Santa Ursula, Al Azhar, the Lab School, IPEKA, Purity , Ketapang, Theresia, Belarminus, Regina Pacis, MH Thamrin and huddle other private schools. The second option, which is a public school that is a lot of choice favorite elementary public schools. A third option, SD berkurikulum International, like Bina Bangsa School, Gandhi, Bina Tunas Bangsa, Tunas Muda, Binus, Sekolah Pelita Harapan, JIS, National High, High Scope, JIS, Raffles, SIS (Singapore International School), Springfield, IPEKA International , Sower CPC International, ACS (Anglo Chinese School) Tiara Bangsa, Global International, Global Sevilla, Central. The final choice of school with a combined curriculum of national and international, as well as Santa Laurensia, CPC Penabur Sunrise Garden where they study the national curriculum and international at the same time.

Confused right? Too many choices. First Mom will think, how much is the tuition and the base currency of the primary school? For SD as an illustration for national schools like IPEKA charged tuition nearly 2 million rupiah per month + admission fee 20 million. For other private schools yes +/- almost equal to IPEKA. But surely there is a less expensive, and less really. As for the International School, tuition is not asked, quite exorbitant, an average of 5 million to 7 million per month, with the entrance fee ranges between 50-70 million (based on a survey of school fees and entrance fees Bina Bangsa School, SIS, IPEKA International, Gandhi Tunas Muda, Binus Simprug, Raffles average that much). But there are also rather inexpensive international schools such as Binus Serpong, rumors only 2-3 million per month, and Springfield. For schools like SPH, JIS, and Global, the price reached the sky like missiles (As an illustration for SMA, rumors monthly school fee JIS 70 million per month).

Approximately his parents fuck ya? Which surely is one of the richest people in Indonesia. There were rumors, enthusiasts who register JIS queued rice, so it should be drawn. Imagine 70 million aja still drawn. Parents who wish to send their children to international schools have to think 10 times, the school fees of 5-7 million per month. Money school tutoring lessons such as mathematics, science (physics, chemistry, biology), mandarin language lessons, tutoring English, sometimes les music. Belon maid, to eat and so on. So so salary parents should budgetnya how ya? If you have a third child, approximately how many budgets. Les Otherwise, the result is definitely a fantastic ugly, if it can survive its value barely fit, and do not get the maximum value is constant. So Mom would dizzy, thinking about the budget. Why do International School expensive bangat? Hear hear, teaching International School is not as deep as the national schools?

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