Choosing a Primary School for Children

Choosing a Primary School for Children

Seeing the graduation as a sign of graduation in kindergarten is an event that can not be forgotten, still ringing when I first drove to school I have to come to school for a week because of the Kacong not want to be left. After graduating kindergarten parents now contrived hassle of having to find primary school for six years. It’s not easy because a lot of considerations to be made by parents, such as:

School quality, this consideration is generally a top priority for parents, so do not be surprised if the parents are willing to queue just to pick up a form or register. Unfortunately the quality of schools is generally proportional to the cost of school and level of competition, often the children who are victims of parents who insist incorporated into the school they think is the favorite though not necessarily according to their children.
Mileage to school, these considerations are generally the attention of the mother, because they will generally be directly involved when delivering their child for the father to work, sometimes the father is also involved if by chance one lane with its head office where her father worked, or at the time of the day Saturday. No consideration of the two is sometimes overlooked by parents in order to pursue the first consideration, in my opinion mileage PP maximum of 30 minutes from the house.
School fees, do not deny this consideration becomes a burden for parents, especially for parents who do not provide funds for education for their children as a result of tricks right nabyak Kiwo (borrow) so the solution brief. Unfortunately school fees is directly proportional to the quality of the school and the distance of the school.
Naaaaah, how to anticipate that all three of these considerations that fulfilled all ?.

Generally parents ask their friends for the consideration of quality and cost of school, by making sampling test before making a decision, the question of how the validity level ?. In fact quality school that became a favorite of parents very much demand, level of competition is very high. As a result of the favorite schools make the selection based on the level of ability of prospective students, is generally selected in academic but not rare level of financial ability of parents is also a consideration, so do not be surprised the quality of school good because it inputannya’ve stayed polish school choice only. In my opinion, a quality school is a school that produces great output even if input varies.

Ask other people is probably the easiest way, but the level of the apocryphal because they are subjective, judgment parameters are also not clear, laaah continue what ?. Just check the level of accreditation, the way he should go one by one? that does not lah, manfaatkaanlah internet media, you can check the accreditation of the school through the website of the National Accreditation Board of School / Madrasah (BAN-MS) that can be accessed, the picture below is one of the search results by category Madrasah in Malang. On the website you can see in detail the value of accredited schools that can be considered to choose a school for your child,

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