Choosing a Good School For Children

Choosing a Good School For Children

Selecting a good school for the children, how to do?

The word school is not foreign to our ears. Because the school is a necessity, so that we can live our lives better in the future.

By going to school, we can more easily accept the knowledge and insight we need to live. However, in choosing a school must be rigorous. Because the better the school we choose for our children, the better the child happens later.

So instead, here the author will explain some of how to choose a good school for the children. In choosing a good school for the children, it took several stages.

Before you choose a good school, it helps us know the ins and outs of the school such as the definition of school, school objectives and types of schools and other matters relating to the school in advance so that we better understand “what the school”.

School is a place for children’s upbringing. The purpose of the school in general is that children have provision for life in the future, especially as for the purpose is to teach children to be children who were able to advance the nation. The school is an institution designed for the teaching of students / pupils under the supervision of teachers.

Schools also have a certain degree-level, in Indonesia the school consists of several levels. Starting from kindergarten (kindergarten) and elementary school (elementary school), then SMP (junior high school), continued into high school (high school), after then to level PT (college).

Well … the above explanation is the definition and purpose and some school level. Now, you ready yet to know the tips on choosing a good school ?. But before that there are more types of schools let our understanding of more mantab school. Following exposure to the types of schools in Indonesia.


In Indonesia, the school is divided into public and private schools. Differences in public and private schools, fundamentally ie, public school is a school organized by the government, ranging from elementary schools, junior high schools, upper secondary schools, and universities. While private schools are schools organized by non-government / private, educational foundation organizers of such bodies.

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