Children’s education insurance

Children’s education insurance

All parents expect to have children who excel, honest, obedient to parents and religious. But not a few parents find a different fact, children are unruly, lazy children learn. Then who is to blame, parents or the children?

To educate the child should not be done by half-way, where many parents who feel quite getting children into school, so the child is expected to grow into a qualified person. Educating children should motivate children in a positive direction, to discover new things in terms of intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Here are some steps that can help parents to educate children

1. Teaching children self-reliance and responsibility

Most parents worry about their children excessively, learn to let go of the child and monitors. Teach children to tidy up toys after play, teach children to clean up if the child removing dirt, teach children to apologize if you make a mistake, give enough pocket money and teach children to use pocket money wisely.

2. Teach the child to have a curiosity

If the child has a great curiosity, grateful as a parent, because your child’s brain development is good. If your child does not have the curiosity, try fishing questions, like “you know what is forged from the deck”, “you’ve ever tried to play this deck, etc.
When answering the question of children, do not try to lie, but look for the information so that knowledge of children increases and avoid katakana do not know the child.

3. Avoid the word ban or not

Mistakes are often done with parents forbid children to experiment, this can lead to reduced creativity. And mnghindari said “no” to the child, because the negative connotation of this word, you can replace the do not like
“Do not pout” to “let a smile”
“Do not fight” into a “game gentian”
“Do not slow” to “let’s hurry”

4. Being a good listener

It often happens among friends at school teasing each other with each other, your job as a parent, try to approach, if the child has a problem so that the child can tell a story. Trust children to parents can not be built in a short time, it took a long time so that children feel comfortable when told.

Parents can teach children to avoid ridicule or derision sesame friend like when children taunted “you’re ugly”, parents can teach “critical biarin clever”. By instilling these skills, the friends your child will feel bored because of ridicule was not taken seriously.

5. Teach high social sense and sympathetic

To have children who are sensitive to the environment and high sympathy, taught early. So that children become familiar, is a natural thing. Oranguta can train by giving poured for children to be given directly to beggars, help a friend in trouble.

How to educate children is very important to shape the attitudes of children, in addition to how to educate children parents need to give children the best education for quality education system determines the output of children.

Currently the cost of children’s education or school berkualias requires no small cost, especially the cost of college. Fact the field say that parents send children to excel, while parents ignore the responsibility of ensuring children’s education fund available to college.