Children Overcome Difficult Spot

Children Overcome Difficult Spot

Children’s hard to eat is a problem that is often complained of parents, especially mothers. Various ways as unsuccessful done to address children who have difficulty eating. In fact, not infrequently mothers become depressed and stress in the face of the fruit hatinya.Setiap mother always filled with concerns about the nutritional adequacy of their children. Not to mention if the child difficult to eat or picky.
When the baby is 6 months old, time to start giving solid food of ASI. This is when you should be more careful attention to his diet. Starting from giving him milk porridge, fruit juice, and then gradually to more solid food texture like rice team, and so on. Unfortunately, this process does not always go smoothly, there are several causes that give depth to your baby fussy eaters. Usually this happens when he entered the first year. The problem is usually in the form of refusing food, do not like vegetables, just want to eat that’s it (picky eater), or suck the food linger. This condition is of course to make the mother concerned about the nutritional adequacy of the child, considering they are still in a period of growth and development.

Factors causing a child difficult to eat because of physical factors and psychological factors. Physical factors include the presence of a disturbance in the digestive organs as well as the presence of infection in the body of the child. While psychological factors include psychological disorders in children, such as household conditions is problematic, less pleasant dining atmosphere, never eat with their parents, and children were forced to eat food that is not preferred.
How to cope?

Maybe there are some important notes that are missed by your current kecil.Tips feed the following may help you;

1. Try serving food in small portions.

Remember, the small stomach is not able to accommodate the food too much, so give him the food little by little.

2. Variations food.

Try to make some food menu selection, and then let your baby pick the food he liked. Usually the child prefers to food choice.

3. Serve with draw

After serving many choices, serve with attractive appearance. For example, print the fried rice in the mold teddy bear or a small duck. For example, you can follow the recipe fried rice recipe below: Home-Based Special Fried Rice Recipe

4. Make mealtime pleasant

Avoid threatening, punishing, or scare the child to eat more. This will make her feel that mealtime is a time that is not fun. And it is quite likely to cause psychological trauma for him.

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