Children Educate Women

Children Educate Women

Educating children is not an easy matter, especially in educating girls. But it is up to the individual perception because there is also considered otherwise. Educating children is a difficult woman because she was like an angel who needs to be protected until the mandate of honor was handed over to her husband. More on women easily arise slander against self and family.

God warned parents to keep their children. Because from them we could be dragged to hell janannam. “O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones; guardian angels were rude, loud who do not disobey Allah in what he commanded them and always do what they’re told. “(QS.At-Tahrim: 6)

Because of the difficulty of educating children of women, the reward was also outstanding. Prophet Muhammad SAW. explains that the patience to educate children women will be that veil of hellfire. It was narrated from Uqbah bin Nafie he said, the Prophet said, “Whoever has three children a woman then he patiently on (care for and educate) them as well as he fed and watered them from anything that he got the children she will be barrier for him from the fire on the day of Resurrection. “(HR. Ahmad)

Facts on the ground show that no matter how difficult to educate children so that they are able to keep the woman of honor. BKKBN survey in 2010 showed that 51% of teenagers in Jabodetabek have had sex outside marriage. This condition is not only happening in Greater Jakarta, terrible trend also occurred in various cities: Surabaya (54%), Bandung (47%) and Medan (52%). The survey data, if true, is certainly very worrying. How terrible the state of our youth.
Therefore, it should be noted parenting and how to educate our children from an early age, especially girls. How to educate children of women in Islam?

Religion Strong foundation

Imam Al-Ghazali said, the main education for children is a religious education. Religious education is the main foundation for the education of the family. Such as: faith, law introducing halal-haram, ordered his worship (prayer) since the age of seven years, educate children to love the Prophet, his family, those who are righteous and teach children to read the Koran. “Let the little children be taught the Koran, hadith and history of righteous people then Islamic law,” said Al-Ghazali. Only after that is taught in their general knowledge.

The opposite is true, many parents feel sad child can not mathematics, English or science, but they stay calm when a child can not read the Koran, do not understand the culture and Islamic law.
Mentutup Aurat with Perfect

Familiarize children from an early age woman wearing women’s clothes. Do not let women wear men’s clothes, though in the house. It is one of the factors to cultivate her feminine nature. When traveling out of the house, teach children close the genitals. Child early familiarized women to wear a veil (QS. 24: 31) and hijab (QS. 33: 59). So the children already understand the difference between the clothes in the house with clothes when out of the house early. Although the implementation is not strict, because children are not required to close the genitals.

If socialized from childhood, then the child will be used to close the genitals of women with perfectly as an adult. Children’s clothing women become accustomed to muslimahnya, although around a lot are not dressed ladies. If not socialized early, it will be difficult and unwieldy to teach Muslim children dressed woman. Because his friends and most women in the community are not more Muslim dress.

Glad Doing Homework

Trained female children do homework, ranging from the simplest things. From sweeping, mopping, cleaning, tidying goods, cooking, ironing, washing dishes, washing clothes. Although there was a maid in the house, give understanding to the child that the maid struggling to help us in completing homework. We are still responsible for completing homework.

Exercise doing homework should be socialized from childhood. So that children are accustomed and honed sensitivity to his home state. Later got older, he would be diligent kid without prompting.

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