Child Training Tips For Smart Men

Child Training Tips For Smart Men

To create a smart kid and became the pride of their parents, you have to pay attention to the various little things that you might forget. Here are some tips that you can do when educating children so that children become smarter … in between …

– Give your child time to

Usually parents are often busy working and when their child wants to be noticed, most of the parents will tell their children not to disturb them. Well this is one of the mistakes. It is true that you are very tired or tired after work, but it will make your child less attention and less attention will make your child be a child less creative. Share course, my wife often took my kids told me, good stories daily experiences or fictional story. My son was very happy with the stories. And my wife was smart enough to enter the valuable lessons in the stories that he gave to my son. With these stories, the imagination of my child to be better trained. It’s certainly good enough for the development of their brains instead.

– Give your kids a challenge

Yes, my wife and often give our children a challenge. For example ya my son wanted to buy a new toy. So there are challenges they finish. The challenge is not a heavy-weight, simply give them a challenge just to do what they often do. For example, “If ngajinya finished, it will buy toys anu”, “if you can answer the questions in the book task, will get such and such”. Does this challenge will make children become more “consumptive” aka a lot of wants ?. Ga too, itukan depends on your upbringing may also hehe. Either way, with challenges like this they will try to spur capabilities that exist within them.

– Do not let your child learn too loud

Learning too vigorously or studying too hard to make a child’s brain is more easily blunted later if dah big. Anehkan if his super smart, eh pas ga oon gedenya even frivolous haha. So better do not force children to study hard too. Let them learn to conform their will and let them learn while playing to enjoy or do what they like.

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