Child Training Tips For Single Parent

Child Training Tips For Single Parent

Educating children is surely an obligation to be happy if realized with full faith. However, that does not mean there are no barriers and sadness in the upbringing of children, particularly those who have to undergo destiny as a single parent or a single mom.

Being a single mom is a challenge and a big advantage if understood in depth. Is said to be an advantage because there is very broad stretch of charity, as a single mom also should be able to act as a father to his children, and is said to be a challenge for a mother to be really able to keep one’s chin up to face any situation less awkward.

But whatever it is, should we remain excited and optimistic about the role that God has destined to the single parent or a single mom. How history has recorded that the big names of Muslim intellectuals actually comes from a mother’s own target. Call it Shafi’i and Imam Bukhari.

Both of them became great scholars until now precisely because educated himself by a mother who had the firmness of faith and fortitude in the face of suffering.

For that there is no reason for Apra successful single parent for not educating their child. Just to share, here are some tips single parents to educate their children well.

First, give love to always consider all of its activities. With some warm soft touch, the child will not feel lonely.

Second, listen to children’s stories and comments that educate.


Third, create a safe atmosphere, so that children do not feel fear. Try to stay to protect children properly.

Fourth, make a meal schedule and play together, so that time can be divided well with children.

Fifth, give them credit, while doing a good activity or an amazing feat. Additionally you can give a gift he wants.

Sixth, provide criticism about his attitude is wrong, give a good example for the children to realize that he was doing wrong.


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