Child Training Tips For Not Spoiled, Stubborn and to Mandiri

Child Training Tips For Not Spoiled, Stubborn and to Mandiri

In family life, every parent would expect their children can grow into children who are good, to be proud and have characters or properties of the positive in every respect. Most parents will do everything for the sake of happiness of their children to give them everything they want, but this has not always been good in the process of educating children. Many children are accustomed to living in comfort and never felt hard in life tend to be spoiled and can not be independent. As parents, we need to be careful in the care of children in their development because every discipline we can have a big impact for the life of the child in the future. Here are tips on how to educate children properly so as not spoiled, stubborn and can be self-sufficient.

1. Do not keep all the wishes of children

Even if you love your child, keep all of desire is not the way to educate children properly. Such action will only make your child a spoiled child and always relying on others. If since small children are spoiled by following his wishes, the impact of the future child will be a child who is not independent and lazy because they always think there are parents who would give everything she wants. Get used to your child for trying to do the work themselves so they can learn to be responsible for themselves.

2. Do not be too many prohibit

Curiosity of children to his world often makes them want to try to do it freely. Fear parents if the worst things happen to your child. So most parents give restrictions or limitations of a thing that could harm children. Prohibition simply make the curiosity for children to do and can make children lie to their parents. Two-way communication is the best solution for reminding children instead forbid children to do things they want to do. Tell them about the risks that may occur and ask your child to be careful.

3. Teach children not to lie

Never give an example to your child to lie. Teach them to always open about the situation in every way, whether it involves feelings, or the constraints that it faces. Do not get your child secretive about their feelings toward you. In this way, you are training your child to act honestly in his life.

4. Never punish with physical violence

Often you as parents feel angry or upset with the act or behavior of your children is bad and powerful way to make a child with physical punishment is a deterrent. One example of physical punishment measures often do most parents are hit. Whether it’s using the hands, feet or other objects that you can use to hit your child. It is not at all justified. If you have small children, and when they do something wrong, you can tell it is well with the language that is easily understood by those without physical punishment and if you have a child that age may have been a teenager or already understand the circumstances, you can apply discipline system against them. Physical violence will only make your child’s soul hurt, not only physically injured or their body. And it will have a negative impact on the growth of their physical and emotional. Corporal punishment in any form will just scare him and will make more children do not respect you, being stubborn and rebelled against you.

5. Love and care

A child will feel comfortable and happy when their parents show love and concern when children are in need of it. Caring parents in the slightest thing can assist parents in educating children. Attention does not mean talk about how you as parents can provide materials or items a child’s favorite, but also in action, for example, that you can do is when your child learn, that’s when you can show care and love you with a way to accompany them, although just sitting next to them. Thus your child will be more enthusiastic about learning and if there are difficulties, you can help children solve it.

Being a parent is the duty and responsibility of the noble. Be a parent who can be proud of your child. Educate your children well, then your child will give joy to you and your family.


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