Characteristics of a wealth multiplier  lifestyle

Characteristics of a wealth multiplier  lifestyle

  1. Retains earnings

Those with a wealth multiplier lifestyle knows how to retain money once they have earned it. My favourite football club is a club called ‘ Manchester United’. Thei previous manager, who was to retire, managed his last game at their home stadium, Old Trafford. During that game, his time scored five goals, it was fantastic, however they also allowed their competitors five goals.

If we play great offence but have a lousy defense, we still don’t win. The same principle applies to our finance. We can be great at going out and making money, but if we do not know how to retain it so we can multiply it, we are going to lose the game as well.

Play good offence and defence, what I mean by this is to attack the economic system to plunder wealth for your selfand your cause, but then also learn good defense, which is how to hold on to your hard earned wealth. There are many people who became millionaires by winning the lottery, but then lost all their wealth within two or three years. Why ? because their  win was only a temporary win without the education of how to hold on to their wealth.

It can be very frustrating to see all your hard earned money disappear because of the lack of skills to hold on to it. Teaching our children how to hold on to their wealth will be one of the most valuable lessons you can teach them in life.

The key to this is lifestyle, if they desire a lifestyle they cannot afford, as most people do, they will end up always being in debt and will  end up always being in debt and will squander their hard earned wealth.