Characteristics of a wealth multiplier lifestyle

Characteristics of a wealth multiplier lifestyle

Lives a life of contentment
I heard this saying a few times “some people who use money they don’t have, to buy the things they cannot afford to impress the people they don’t like.’
many people live to impress others and to keep p with others. this character trait forms at an early age. when our children keep comparing themselves and what they own or where they are to others, we have to check it and deal with it.

contentment with what we have is an important principle when paired with a drive to be better and to achieve more. a balance is needed. to much contentment and we can strive and strive be happy or satisfied with anything in our lives.

what we need is contentment with righteousness. basically contentment in the right areas, such as family, wife, car, house, and what we have, tempered with a drive to be a better person, to impact more people and to influence others in a positive way. working to better your life is okay, but at every point in the drive to be better your life is okay, but at every point in the drive to be better, our children and ourselves need to learn to be content, happy and satisfied with what we have and where are while we are working towards being better.
this will enable us to avoid spending money on things we don’t need and cannot afford, to impress people we sont like, with money we don’t have.
Allocates money to give to others
those with a wealth multiplier lifestyle allocate money within their budget to bless others.

we have already covered the principles of tithing and using our money to bless othrs. so we know that people who do this regularly become wealthy because money does not have a hold on them.
if we are tightfisted and refuse to bless anymore but ourselves, then we are a miserly person, and chances are our children will hate our lifestyle and later live the opposite, a life of extravagance without boundaries.
I am not saying we should give all our money away, that is also another extreme that is silly, but we should give away a budgeted portion to support a charity or a social cause of our choice.

as discussed earlier, finding a cause for yourself and your children to support is very important in the upbringing of your children.
if our children see that we are living a simple life and saving our money to bless them with a good education our to support a worthy cause, they will emulate the life we live and pick a cause of their own. when we incorporate this principle into our lifestyle our children will plan to use a portion oftheir money to bless others because they have seen the model in us.

ths will attrat wealth, friends, a good testimony in society and a joyful life. A life lived well is one that is lived, not just for itself, but for blessing others throught the giving of joy, money, time and knowledge.