Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Causes of Nosebleeds In Children

Dry air. The commonest causes of nosebleeds in children is dry and hot air. This happens because of the dry air at room temperature or hot environment will make the nose membranes become dry so prone to irritation and rupture of blood vessels in the nose.

Cold. Diseases common cold in children can also irritate the lining of the nose, and nosebleeds in children can occur after repeated entry and exit of snot, because of the friction that occurs facilitate the occurrence of nosebleeds.

Allergy. Penyabkit allergy in the nose known as allergic rhinitis can also cause nosebleeds in children. To overcome this the doctor may prescribe drugs such as antihistamines or decongestants to cope with itchy nose, runny, or blocked.

Injury. Nose injured either impact or blow can also cause nosebleeds. If this happens to your child use the tips to cope with nosebleeds below. If the bleeding would not stop after 10 minutes, then take it to the doctor.

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