Earn is a fun thing and awaited. With the decline in salaries and benefits we can buy goods and services we need. But what would happen if the money that we can flow quickly away without planned uncontrolled. Once the money disappears, then only regret obtained.

For those of you who have financial problems due to too easily to spend the income received, then change your current consumption patterns. Identify the cause of koborosan and then do seriously and planned savings.

Things That Can Deplete Bags Kita:

1. Love With Smelling Things Credit (Debt)

Do not be proud of with a credit card. Take pride with a debit card. Do not easy to take credit for the goods kreditan that may not be able to pay off all. Kreditlah only important ones such as residential homes and vehicles.

2. Always Wanted Appear Trendy And Gengsi

Gengsian taste and want to show off a farm business for entrepreneurs in the consumer trap. Consumers are offered various kinds of famous brand of products, are expensive with steady quality. By eliminating a sense of pride and show what their brand regardless of price and the expenses can be reduced.

3. Glad Want to Be The First In The Newest

Be careful with the desire to always be the first users, because usually the price of new items such as mobile phones are more expensive than the price after a year or more. Actually we do not need to always mutually phone during still be used and in good condition.

4. teralu Fanatic With Expensive Hobby

For those of you who have an expensive hobby as a collection of expensive objects, racing cars, roads abroad, culinary tours to expensive restaurants, preserve rare animal, should begin to switch to a hobby that is less like knitting, collecting stamps used, cooking, read books, and so forth.

5. Shopping Buta Not Controlled

When shopping sometimes the eye can be hooked storefront and the writings of special offers, discounts, saving package, etc. are finally home with items that are not planned to be purchased. Make a shopping list and stick to that list and shall ignoring persuasions sellers bid.

6. Frequent Lost With Payment Obligation

By forgetting the obligations for the payment of bills, such as electricity, telephone, water pam, taxes, and so then we will be faced with late payment penalty which was likely to be significant, if long unpaid. We recommend that you record your bills and pay the uttermost all that is not due and becomes payable in arrears.

7. Hobby Shop

Hobbies shopping are obviously a hobby that takes a lot of money. Overcome hobby is to restrict your visit to a shopping mall with shopping as needed in accordance with the existing items in the shopping list without be able to buy anything.

8. Too Good In Others

Not too often treat friends if not necessary. Do not spend our money for our spouse or girlfriend alone. Make the budget a special budget to share with the people around us in order not to disrupt the money that should be used for other purposes.

9. Lost In The Future

What if you had a wife and children, family members were seriously ill, entered a period of retirement due to advanced age, bulk fires and others. Prepare from now on your future that may be more difficult than it is today lived. Bayang these difficult times and I am sure you will set aside funds in preparation for hard times.

10. Easily Influenced Sales / Marketing Strategy Tricks

Do not easy inedible mass media advertising sales and the sales because the product is not necessarily you really need. It could be that you are just interested only in sales pretty / handsome course, a huge discount, cheap packages, bonus gifts, and so forth.