This Financial Problem Can Make Messy Households

Who doesn’t need money? People live need money to fulfill their daily needs. Money is considered to be able to buy everything, including love and happiness. Able to blind someone’s heart and mind, so they are willing to do anything for the sake of their name.

For married couples, economic problems or money are often a factor of contention until divorce. Family relationships can be damaged because of money. The problem of fulus cannot be underestimated, especially in domestic life.

Actually, why is love or husband and wife relationships cracked due to fuss problems? Apparently there are 4 causes and you should not do it to avoid great fights.

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1. Closed each other’s financial matters
Closed to each other’s financial matters
Closed to each other’s financial matters

When you are married, do not ever shut yourself up about finance to your partner. Whether it’s a matter of salary, debt, or anything else related to money. Open up about these things, for example having debt. If you speak honestly, then you and your partner can discuss with each other looking for ways to pay off the debt immediately. No need to be ashamed of your partner.

Don’t forget to explain why you owe it to your partner to understand it. It’s also important to be honest about the salary you earn each month, as well as with your partner. As such, you and your partner can manage your finances together.

2. Do not trust each other
Why do people keep their finances from their partners? One of them is because they don’t trust each other. They prefer to be quiet and cover it up. This condition will trigger a problem due to miscommunication. If it is confidential, just tell your partner, why is it confidential. By being honest with your partner, you appreciate it.

But it is advisable to be open about financial matters with a partner, so as not to cause suspicion on the one hand. Because it starts from being suspicious, there will be a small dispute and will grow larger.

3. Different ways to manage finances
Different ways to manage finance
Different ways to manage finance

Different ways of managing finances can also trigger domestic disputes. For example, you want to save money, collect as much money as possible in savings, but your partner is more relaxed choosing family happiness than a lot of money, but is tormented by having to save money. This difference in perspective is what you actually have to discuss with your partner. The goal is to be able to reach the midpoint of the different ways to manage the money.

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4. Closed Regarding Needs
For a need, be honest with your partner. If you really need something expensive, say. Do not cover it from a partner, for example you want to invest in stocks and need a large enough capital, be honest and explain to your partner.

If indeed he does not agree, it would be better if you delay doing this until a mutual agreement occurs. Maybe your partner is more concerned with the needs of children, then discuss them together. That way, will avoid misunderstanding of financial problems.

Married Means One Purpose
When it is binding on the sacred promise of life in a marriage bond, all needs are shared responsibility. All matters must be discussed to reach agreement, including very sensitive financial problems. Emotional discussion, so that you can make decisions clearly.

Do not let you and your partner fight, let alone to separate only because of money. Marriage should bring couples to one goal, happiness. And money can never buy happiness. By discussing, it is hoped that it can strengthen the relationship of love between you and your partner because each can be a wife or husband as well as a friend in everything. Beautiful isn’t it?