Buy Drugs Much Loss, Mending Investment Only Lots Luckily

Buy Drugs Much Loss, Mending Investment Only Lots Luckily

Drugs are familiar words in our ears. Starting from men and women, young and old know about drugs. Many people who produce, sell to use the drug. In the present era, drugs have become a must-have to be consumed in some circles, not least artist.

Just look at the names of artists who have been picked up by the police, including Jennifer Dunn, Tio Pakusadewo, Fachri Albar, Roro Fitria, and Dhawiya Zaida. They are in a rookie at different times and places. A row of artists are reasoned by using drugs to increase stamina, will feel relaxed, his mind becomes calm, and feeling tired to be lost after busy with a busy schedule.

Working as an artist certainly has a lot of income. With so many job offers, they can earn tens of millions of dollars a day. Wrong place of association with tergiurnya friend incitement to try drugs, finally not a few artists who try to consume drugs until addicted.

Drugs are illegal goods that we must stay away from, rather than spending hundreds of thousands or millions to buy drugs, the money can be used for other things more useful and can provide greater benefits, such as investment.

Negative Effects of Drug Consumption
Drugs are narcotics and drugs or hazardous substances commonly used for medical purposes. However, many people abusing drug use, such as manufactured, sold freely, until consumed without a rule or prescription from a doctor. Here are some of the disadvantages of getting from drugs.

1. Health

If taking drugs continuously can interfere physically in the body to health. Although not showing rapid changes, gradually, body and health will be disrupted.

Disorders that will be suffered by users of drugs in general, namely disruption in the nervous system such as convulsions, imagination and hallucinations, damage to the heart, lungs, blood vessels and skin, on reproduction there is a decrease in hormonal function or irregular menstruation even menstruation can be stopped , frequent headaches, fever, nausea to vomiting, wounding of the liver, and difficulty sleeping.
For injecting drug users, especially in turn, can contagious diseases such as hepatitis B, C and HIV
Fatal in consuming drugs excessively or exceed the limits of the body’s ability will cause death.

 2. Psychology

In addition to disruption of health on the physical and organs of the body, taking drugs can also interfere with psychiatric someone who uses drugs. Here’s the psychological impact.

It’s hard to concentrate on anything, the performance is slow, even the confidence goes away.
Behavior becomes uncontrollable, often taking careless actions
Always feel tense, anxious to fantasize and an exaggerated sense of suspicion
Often feel annoyed, depressed, and always feel insecure, willing to hurt yourself until no fear of suicide.

 3. Jailed

The person involved with drugs will be jailed depending on the position of the offender’s mistake with the established law. Prisons are one of the biggest disadvantages to anyone in the world of drugs or drugs. In addition to smearing a good name of yourself, automatically also damages the good name of the family.

Paragraph (1) of Article 112 of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics that any person who is unlawful or unlawful possesses, retains, controls or provides Narcotics Group I is not a crop, shall be sentenced to a maximum of four years and a maximum of 12 years and a fine at least Rp 800 million and at most Rp 8 billion.

Paragraph (2) of article 112, if in the case of an act of possessing, storing, possessing or otherwise providing Narcotics Group I of the plant referred to in paragraph

(1) weighing more than five grams, the offender shall be subject to life imprisonment or imprisonment of a minimum period of five years and maximum of 20 years and maximum fine penalty as referred to in father (1) plus 1/3.
Article 127 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics that each Narcotics Class 1 abuser for himself is punished with a maximum imprisonment of four years. Then, the second-class Narcotics user for himself is sentenced to a maximum of two years imprisonment. Finally, third-class Narcotics users for themselves are sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of one year.

If proven to be a victim, then the individual concerned shall undergo appropriate medical and social rehabilitation of the law.

Allocate Money for Investment
Investing is one way to earn a huge profit compared to buying drugs that actually provide many losses. Instead of money floating to buy illicit and harmful goods, better the hundreds of thousands of money is bought investment products that can grow and benefit.

Imagine the profits you can make by investing, such as savings for the future, your life and family will be more secure, and can be an additional income with huge profits depending on the type and nominal investment.

Here are some types of investments you can do with minimal capital.

1. Gold

Gold became one of the fields to invest in a lot of people loved. Some of the advantages possessed gold include selling points, not easily damaged, easily traded and the way of gold investment is also cheap.

In addition, the capital for gold investment is relatively small and the value of gold will always rise in every year. With a starting capital of Rp100.000 you can buy gold bullion through a gold saving program purchased at Pegadaian Indonesia or PT Antam.

Tips: If you already have more capital and want to invest in gold, you should not be fooled by a lucrative but fake investment offer of gold and harm. Before making a purchase, check always and watch the gold price on a trusted site, and buy gold in a trusted or official place. Remember! Be wary of deceptions with good deals by irresponsible parties.

2. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a container and pattern of fund or capital management for a pool of investors to invest in investment instruments available in the market by buying units in many companies. Fortunately, buying a mutual fund is the money that you collect on the spot where the investment services of the mutual fund will continue to grow. No need to worry, in today’s many mutual fund investment service companies that have requirements with very little capital. There are several types of mutual funds including, money market, fixed income, protected, mixed, and stock.

Tips: first understand about mutual fund investments, from the way and types of mutual funds, determine the right timeframe for mutual fund investment and choose a trusted mutual fund investment services company. You can start investing mutual funds with capital Rp100.000, – cheap is not it.


Most people assume that stock investing requires enormous capital, even people who can play shares are only upper class people. But for now, for those of you who want to start a stock investment can with minimal capital, really. There is Ayo Nabung Shares program from Indonesia Stock Exchange, where you can buy shares with a deposit of Rp100.000, – only. And if you want to invest with a capital of more than Rp100.000, – this is very permissible.

Stock investment is one investment that offers very high yields, but the risks are also high. The profits you will gain if you jump into the stock world are two, that is, from the difference between the purchase price and the sale of the stocks that come from the demand and offer that apply in the market and you will get the share of the company to the shareholders in accordance with the portion of each ownership, depending on company policy. asuransi pendidikan

Stay Away from Drugs, Start Investing
Everything we are going to do, we recommend using common sense to weigh the bad. If you already know the world of drugs and become addicts. STOP! It’s time to reorganize yourself. Better money you use for investments that can make your life better.