Business opportunities medics

Business opportunities medics

The profession of a physician, nurse, midwife and other medical personnel is a noble profession, why? Because they are people who are in direct contact with the community in terms of health services.

The medical profession is regarded as an art (art) in life, so not everyone can easily get the skills to be the actions of a medical, although it was just a simple medical procedure that can be owned by everyone today.

With the increasing complexity of human life, then the wide scope of medical science (medicine) be forced to undertake the development and improvement of quality, according to the complexity of the object of treatment encountered in reality.

Profession nurses provide health care professionals in the form of services of biological, psychological, social, and even spiritual addressed to patients, whether individuals, families and communities. The nursing care is given because the patient’s physical and mental condition of the weak, limited knowledge and lack of understanding of the patient’s ability to carry out activities independently. The activity was conducted in an attempt to achieve improvements in health and an emphasis on health services which enable individuals to be able to achieve a healthy life and high productivity.

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That is among the duties of nurses who have an important role for the quality of care in hospitals. From the level of satisfaction of patients receiving services that, which is an indicator for the level of quality of hospital services.

But behind the noble work there are some complaints experienced medical workers

Doctors who serve patients Social Security Agency (BPJS) Health, often complain about the charge paid by the government’s cost for each participant. Movement Director Doctor Indonesia Bersatu, M Yadi Permana, said the issue became one of the triggers lack pelayananan ideal.

“Doctors are paid Rp 2,000 per patient, even cheaper than parking. Give a reasonable rate so that a better service,” said Yadi in the discussion “BPJS: Protection or Health Commercialization?” in Kuningan, Jakarta, Sunday (9/8) ..

After the Act (the Act) was passed Nursing, nurses welfare should be improved. Because the demands on nurses high professionalism, as long as this was not comparable to the salary and welfare of nurses.

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