Business Inspiration from 5 Famous Brand CEOs that are Not Popular

Business Inspiration from 5 Famous Brand CEOs that are Not Popular

Brand name on a product to benchmark the public to buy or consume the product. Yes, in fact almost all the people believe the more famous brand, then the public will be more confident about the quality of products sold also better.

Discuss the famous brand, of course it can not be separated from the founder or a great CEO behind him. Thanks to his hard work to build his brand until famous in the world arena.

However, almost everyone knows only certain brand CEOs such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who is more highlighted media to be news material because of its success in the world of technology and information.

In fact, there are many other famous brands that are not less successful, even the resulting product is also worldwide, ranging from electronics, clothing to food. Surely, there is more than one brand that we almost always use or daily consumption.

In order for your knowledge to grow, here are summarized 5 founders or CEO of a famous brand that has not been widely known to the public

1. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, GOOGLE

Most people would just use the product alone without knowing who has established the product, one of them Google CEO. Indeed, the name of Google CEO is not known to many people as well as Mark Zuckerberg as the founder of Facebook, but Google into any information search engine first used.

Google was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who at that time was still a Ph. D. at Stanford University. In addition to being a worldwide information container that can be accessed and useful to many people, as Google’s development also successfully released various products, acquisitions and cooperation in the field of Google’s core search engines, such as Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Earth , Google Books, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Android and more.

2. Philip H. Knight, NIKE

Nike is one of the sport products ranging from shoes, clothing and sports equipment in the United States. Currently Nike product (nai-key) is famous worldwide thanks to the hard work of the founder, Philip H. Knight. Deciding to create his own brand of shoes, not as fast as turning the palm of his hand, he started from selling at around the athletic stadium until now has sponsored the famous sportsman or athlete in the world.

Sales increased, starting from the man who was born in February 1938 saw the jogging revolution that began favored many people in 1970, so that’s where Phil marketing his products for beginners or non-professional runners.

Not only silent in the sports world alone, Phil also made Nike open a broader market again by changing the public view that Nike shoes that he produced not only running shoes, but can be used as fashion shoes as well. His efforts are able to make everyone from kids to adults around the world interested in wearing them.

3. Lee Byung-chull, SAMSUNG

Initially, Samsung (sahm-song) Group founded by Lee Byung-chull in 1938 in South Korea is not a company in electronics, but a company engaged in the producers and distributors of food everyday are exported to China, such as fish, vegetables and fruits.

In 1960, Lee desperately began to develop his wings into the electronics industry. His intelligence in managing the company, the man who was born in 1910 is very slick divide the task of every electronic division, including Samsung Electronics Co. Devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Samsung Corning Co., and Samsung Semiconductir & Telecommunications Co. and make facilities in Suwon city, South Korea.

Although Lee has died, now Samsung Group is better known as the world’s largest electronic companies. Not a few number of products that have been released, ranging from mobile phones, television, refrigerator and so forth.

4. Rene Lacoste, LACOSTE

In general, a famous fashion brand thanks to its founder who does have expertise in the field of fashion, or indeed as a fashion designer. However, believe that one of the CEOs of this fashion brand has no background in the field of fashion, even himself as a famous tennis player.

5. Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker, Starbucks

Inspired by Alfred Peet coffee roasted entrepreneurs whom they personally dated, the three teachers, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker, finally established a coffee outlet named starbucks in Seattle, Washington DC in March 1971.

Although Starbucks was officially purchased by Howard Schultz in 1987, now, thanks to his hand, Howard Starbucks is well known to many as the world’s largest coffee shop that sells hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, sandwiches, sweet pastries and other snacks, even starbucks selling items like glasses and tumblers.

Business Inspiration Comes from Anywhere

From the experience of the CEO of the famous brand above, establish a business should not have a strong background. The proof only, those who successfully run the business just because he was inspired by something, it could be from hobbies, relatives, unique things experienced and so forth.