Business competition is getting sharper

Business competition is getting sharper

To close this chapter, let us accept the fact that the impact dai all the things we’ve talked about going ebnar really complicate your order to survive in the world of sales. Aelain it, you still will be faced with:

Companies insist you get new clients, while assuring you get prospective clients in an uncertain economic situation as it is now very difficult.
You must meet a sales quota increased faster than the increase in your sales commission.

Business competition is getting sharper, while the smaller pendapataan result of increasingly low purchasing power.
Cross selling and up selling is profitable but these two things are very negative scrutiny in a number of consumer research.
Not many people are able to survive as a sales, while the cost to train a new sales did little
Job demands for a higher sales while sales have sufficient skills to meet these demands very little.

Like atu do not like the role of the sales professional will be the fulcrum or balance point between customer expectations are increasing and the quality of service companies that tend to decline. You’re in charge menjambatani both, we believe that you have the toughest task of the world, the game has changed and how long ago used to win the game is now no promises anymore, we berpandanga that the habits of old habits that have brought you to achieve success so far has not longer sufficient to drive you to success in the future. Therefore, we will membekalianda with things that you need to achieve to increase sales and build better relationships.

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