Budgeting System for Management

Budgeting System for Management


A budgeting system can be a great tool if used properly and there is proper financial planning to go aling with it. What our children need to learn with a budgeting system. Is that they need to organize and plan with the money they receive every month to achieve certain financial goals.

Financial planning is a regular activity and the budget is the tool to implement that plan. Here are components of a financial plan that our children can learn and master as well.

Components of financial planning

They need to decide what savings and investments they want to apportion money to every month

They need to have clear financial goals that they are working towards

They need to have multiple categories of savings, not just one account where money is put into.

They need to plan their expenses and lifestyle to facilitate the achievement of the set goals.

They also need to take into account yearly expenditure

These inculde taxes and subscriptions, insurance and car road tax, or other expenses that are not monthly but yearly or twice yearly. They are infrequent but large expenses. Many people get caught when they suddenly have to come up with larger sums of money.


A good budgeting system need some fundamentals yet remain adaptable enough to change to meet your requirements. We also need to teach our children what makes a good budgeting system.

Criteria for a good budgeting system :

  1. Prioritize capital accumulation

our budgeting system must be a system that prioritizes the raising of capital rather than detailing our expenses. There must be categories we save for and we must be making adjusments to build capital for invesments. Some important categories include putting money into our capital accumulating account or wealth building account. This is the main account we would use for investments capital. The more money we put in here the wealthier we are going to be. We also need to budget for a buffer if we don’t have one yet. In fact, before we put money into a capital account, we need to build the buffer first. Other categories include saving for holidays and other planned expenses.