Best Education Insurance for Children

Best Education Insurance for Children

Below are some of the best education insurance providers collected from various sources:

1. PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia)

The insurance company that was founded in 1995 also offers educational insurance products, including:

PRUmy child, which provides comprehensive protection from the moment in the womb, was born, to adulthood, ranging from health, financial, and educational protection.
PRUlink edu protection, which is an investment-related product that provides monthly funding at risk.
2. Manulife

Educational insurance products offered by this insurance company are:

ProGraduate, an insurance program to help prepare children’s education funding from college up to 23 years old, with the benefit of cash payment as a total education fund of 250% of Sum Insured and flexible premium payment period for children’s education needs as well as financial condition.
StudyLink, an insurance program plus investments to prepare children’s education funding through the funding of scheduled investments from children aged 6 to 23 years.
3. AXA Mandiri

The company whose shares are owned by AXA Group and Bank Mandiri offers a wide selection of products, including:

Mandiri Insurance Savings Plan, a product designed to prepare and realize future dreams such as sending children to school, weddings, until preparation for retirement.
Asuransi Mandiri Sejahtera Cerdas Syariah, a life insurance product aimed at assisting financial planning in case of disaster comes, and also provides unit-linked education insurance benefits with a competitive level of investment.
4. AJB Bumiputera 1912

Educational insurance products offered are Scholarship Partners and Smart Partners.

Scholarship Partners, which provide child protection and tuition fees ranging from kindergarten to college, regardless of changing financial circumstances.
Smart Partner, an insurance program that provides education-related tuition fees so that funds designed for tuition fees will increase in line with the investment returns.
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