Benefit insured sharia

Benefit insured sharia

If you view the main differences between Takaful and conventional insurance, it can be seen clearly the vision and mission for the good of the world and the hereafter.

The benefits accruing to a Muslim is the channel to provide aid to fellow humans, as well as into the planning with himself for conviction would be helped by other Muslims. It is no glory in the efforts that are based on the principle syari’I or laws are derived from God Almighty and Rasulullah SAW.

The principle is so soothing and mententramkan, even be called very beautiful. As a result, this principle also applies universally because basically islam revealed as a mercy to nature. That is, there are things that are outlined detrimental to all parties or one party.

Benefit bersuransi sharia can be seen from two sides following

Benefit for participants of Takaful in the sense of general society who use Takaful to manage the funds for the benefit of mutual help and the need to invest kosher.

Benefit for Islamic insurance company, especially for owners, managers and staff / employees who dedicate their ability to manage people.

Benefit for participants of Takaful. Participants Takaful basically inkulsif or open to all people and not only meant for Muslims.

In fact, on the Muslims can become participants of Takaful. Participants will acquire the Takaful Islamic insurance benefits when the contract has begun and there was an agreement signed between the participants and Islamic insurance companies. The benefit-benefit such as the following

Participants Takaful has set the intention to help and mengihlaskan part or all of the funds as grants to sesame Takaful participants who would need help as a result of the disaster that meinmpa.
Participants Takaful get sekaligu services pengelolahan guarantee fund by persuahaan Takaful is based on the principles of an advanced iupun syari’I so trust deeds that will be taken into account in the hereafter.
Syaiah insurance participants can get the best return on the investment objectives daru Islamic insurance company in this case are clear profit kehalangannya because iba protected from the elements and avoid investai incompatible with syar’i.
With Islamic Laws, insurance as a risk-spreading mechanism that has a function, among others as a balm for the heart be refined. This is because not only benefit the ever measured by niali money or financial interests alone which is the goal, but more than that, which is in line with the achievement of the vision of human life, a happy afterlife.

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