Bandung Culinary Delicious and Not Gonna Be Missed

Bandung Culinary Delicious and Not Gonna Be Missed

Bandung city is known as one of the interesting tourist city in Indonesia. There are many best tours that you can find in Bandung, ranging from nature tourism, religious tourism, tourism sejrah, shopping tour, to culinary tourism. asuransi pendidikan

Bandung does have a lot of delicious culinary variety and certainly unfortunately missed while in Bandung. For those of you who are on vacation in the city of Bandung, here are 7 typical culinary of the city of Bandung with delicious flavors and should not be missed while in this city.

1. Mixed Rice 88

Maybe you think if this mixed rice has the same taste with the mixed rice that is in other places. If you think like that, you’re wrong. Rice mix 88 is one of the famous culinary places in Bandung. Even because of its popularity, this mixed rice has to make a lot of people willing to queue to taste the food menu that is in this place.

Campu 88 rice only provides 1 mainstay menu that is pork mixed rice. The portion of the food is very large with dipadupadakan antra red meat, soy sauce, chicken suwiran, samca, fried meatballs, and the brains. For its own price dibanderols ekitar Rp40 thousand. Quite cheap if you tasted it rollicking, considering the portions are indeed large.

2. Batagor Hanjuang

Batagor is one of the typical culinary Bandung is quite popular. If you are visiting Bandung, stop by Batagor Hanjuang which is located on Jl. Astina, C icendo. Its location is right in front of Anugerah Restaurant.

Batagor Hanjuang is the most popular and popular culinary batagor. This is because the original recipe used which has been hereditary since 1990. It tastes delicious and delicious nda will continue to add. In addition to the delicious batagor taste, batagor in this place has an affordable price of only Rp10 thousand only.

3. Cuanki Serayu

Cuanki is a typical culinary bakso Bandung city that uses broth as kuahnya. One of the popular cuanki place in Bandung City is Cuanki Serayu which is located at Jl. Serayu no 2 Cihapit. Cuakin Serayu is open from 11 am with a very affordable price, starting from Rp11 thousand only.

4. Seafood Kiloan Bang Bopak

Want to try a delicious seafood culinary in Bandung, can stop at Seafood Kiloan Bang Bopak located on Jl. Brigadier General Katamso, no. 33 Cibeunying Kaler. This shop is open every day from 6 pm to 3 am. If you visit this place to eat, you have to get ready in line. This is because the taste of seafood is delicious and makes you addicted. The price of food in this place ranging from Rp25 thousand to 100 grams. There are many choices of seafood that you try, ranging from lobster to scallops served with a variety of sauce choices.

5. Astana Anyum Banana Rice

Here you can find a special fried rice culinary which is a blend of chicken steak, vegetables, fried potatoes with BBQ sauce. The location of this culinary place is on Jl. Astana Anyar no.218. For the price, one portion is priced at Rp19 thousand only.

6. Gibas Porridge

Want to find a filling breakfast in the city of Bandung, can try tasting Bubur Gibas which is a typical porridge that is quite popular in the city of Bandung. This one slurry stall is open from half past 6 am to 12 noon. The price of porridge is also very cheap, ranging from Rp6 thousand only.