Avoid These Errors when Using a Credit Card at the Age of 30

Avoid These Errors when Using a Credit Card at the Age of 30

When you are in your 30s, you are already in a position of maturity that has grown more thoroughly. Maturity can be seen from the behavior of the better, have a good mindset, able to keep emotional, to be responsible for all things.

However, in reality a person’s adult level can not be measured from his age. There are still many people who have entered the age of 30s but not responsible for finansialnya, one of which is the use of credit cards are wrong and continue to be left without any improvement. In fact, these errors can cause huge losses, namely in the form of debt. asuransi pendidikan

Surely it does not want you to experience, is not it? Well, here are some lists of errors that credit card users often make. Check back and make improvements before the finances become destroyed.

1. Unsecured Credit Card Report

Although paying credit card bills online, does not mean we are indifferent to credit card statements. There were even people who did not touch his report and were left lying on a corner table. In fact, reading credit card statements is an important thing done. The goal is to know the detailed expenditure of credit card usage.

Tips: check the billing statement in detail and thorough. If the billing data is not appropriate, then you can directly complain to the bank.

2. Pay Late Charges

Late or delay payment of credit card bills will adversely affect its users. In addition to being penalized for making your credit card bills more swollen, you’ll also be labeled a bad collectability by the bank thereby damaging your pitch history. That is, it will be increasingly difficult to get a loan or other credit card application.

Tips: no words late to be better including on the use of credit cards. Learn on time when making bill payments. Record the credit card bill due date on each calendar you own.

3. Only Make Minimum Payments

There is nothing to ban if credit card users only make payments on their minimum installments only. But if this is done on an ongoing basis, then the remaining unpaid bill and interest will be a heap of increasingly large debt. If the error is still done, then inevitably you will face an increasingly chaotic financial condition.

Tip: stop making minimum payments on credit card charges. Next start paying the bill in full. This is so that debt is not continuously enlarged. Immediately do the debt repayment in order for your finances to improve.

4. No Pay Bill

Have a huge credit card debt and feel unable to pay it so you decide to stop paying the debt completely. This is one of the big mistakes that credit card users make in the 30s.

It is true the bank will close the credit card account if for six months do not make payment. But that does not mean you are free of bills. Instead the bank will continue to collect your forced debt repayment by bringing debt collectors to the house.

Tips: If you can not pay off a considerable debt, you should not make your own decisions. You can consult a bank or credit card company so that you can find the best solution. Do this to keep your financial condition safe.

5. Closing the Credit Card

Most people think closing unused credit cards is the best way. In fact, it is not the best solution for credit card users. Closing your credit card account will actually damage your credit score or credit utilization ratio. Well, The higher your ratio, the greater the negative impact on credit score.

Tips: even if there is a credit card that is not used, just leave the credit card open. The goal is to keep your credit card usage ratio low.

Use Credit Cards Wisely
Avoid making mistakes on the use of credit cards that could adversely affect your financial condition. This is certainly true for all credit card users. Use the best credit cards to benefit and benefit you. That way, the use of credit cards can certainly help and have a good impact on your finances.