Asean face the free market?

Asean face the free market?


The AEC is an agreement between the countries in Southeast Asia are opening a free market in the region. With the opening of the free market by the ASEAN Economic Community will mean the invasion of foreign elements (from the countries of Southeast Asia) to our country. Ranging from investment, imported goods, the flow of services, to foreign workers-see also related article on Indonesia ready to compete with the neighbors.

We do not again compete with Indonesia, but also with a stranger in the world of work. We need to prepare the hard skills and soft skills. In other words, Skill and Attitude. So instead we got the evicted, mending siapin equipped to compete in the future! This article is the result of the interview with Mr. Triono Saputro HAI, from PPM Management, and Hosea Handoyo. Ready?


  1. Leadership

People who were gifted the lead is always needed everywhere. Because people like this have a tendency to set up and very concerned about the progress of the group.

But, we can learn the art of leading the Pensi started to become chairman, the council until maybe if the world’s lectures became Chairman of the Senate. There will be a lot of responsibility to be borne. The aim is obviously to promote the organization and develop the people we lead.

  1. Public Speaking

Speak in front of crowds is a skill that is not owned by everyone. We can train with a frequent spokesman at the time of presentation of group assignment in class. In the world of work, people with presentation skills and public speaking was the one who often so reliable.

  1. Foreign Languages

Gini day, could be English, spoken and written already not a plus. Now, instead’ve become a liability. In fact, in competition AEC 2015, kudu language adds. In addition to English, we also need to master Mandarin, German, French, and Spanish.

  1. Project Management

Can be defined as the knowledge to design a project. Designed is time, strengths and weaknesses that we have. In essence, learning to work in a professional manner. How do we work in a team and personally.

  1. Negotiation and Mediation

Negotiation and mediation can learn from organizations that we follow in the school, such as student council or extracurricular. Negotiations with the teacher or the school about organizing art shows, or so mediating conflicting parties in student brawls, could become a means to learn two things. In the world of college will be much used. Especially in the world of work.

  1. Networking

Maybe we regular networking at the same school when we contact students from other schools. Yup, the same networking with socializing. But that’s the origin of slang, or pengenjadi popular.

Networking is building networks to help our careers. Like the band, yes Bergaulah with musicians, or people from the label. Who knows may be an opportunity ngisi compilation album.


  1. Humble

People said most Indonesian graduates not humble, but low self-esteem. Low self-esteem means not confident. But humility was not boast of his achievement.

Humility is born of the realization that “there is heaven, above the sky”. We still continue to have to learn. Lots of great people, above us.

  1. Openness

An open mind or open minded is very useful when we go into the world or a new environment. Accepting different views and cultures is one example. In the competition of work, the nature is necessary to understand the problems of inter-personal in the office or organization. Hospitality of the Indonesian capital could be a plus, you know!

  1. Want to Know and Critical

As a result of these two properties is so often asked. Not nanya-nanya not clear, but asked to enrich their knowledge. Great curiosity indicates that we thirst for knowledge. While the sense of critically needed so that we do not easily satisfied and always want to find a better answer again.

  1. Professionalism

This says a lot really meaning. Some of them are diligent, hard work and focus. All three runs in unison. Without the three things, high science we have to be in vain.

Because other people will soon see the results of our work. Typically, people who have these three things, can produce something of quality.

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