Are you sure you want to try Cashless Payments? Know First Luck Loss

Are you sure you want to try Cashless Payments? Know First Luck Loss

Nowadays a lot of people are competing in creating the latest technologies that can help life. No wonder the technological advances are increasing every time.

One technology in the field of finance that is now often used is the method of cashless payment or transactions without having to use physical money. Using some kind of electronic money. That way, humans are easier in doing financial transactions anywhere.

Only this transaction system certainly has its own shortcomings that need attention. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cashless payment method? Here’s an explanation.

Efficient and Practical, That’s The Benefit of the Cashless Method

There are five advantages if you use cashless payment method.

1. Save Time and Practical

One of the advantages of cashless payment method is the time-saving process and prakts. By using electronic money, you do not have to have to carry cash. Especially if you will make transactions in large amounts of money, would be bothered to bring a lot of cash in the way when traveling. Especially now the level of crime is increasing so prone to crime.

2. Minimize Criminal Actions

As mentioned earlier, crime is still common. Wherever and whenever, you could be criminalized. Especially for those of you who have a solid activity by taking public transportation, of course the presence of electronic money to be the right solution. Simply by using electronic money, you have minimized criminal actions on the streets.

3. No Need Old Queue

Another plus of electronic money is its efficient use so you do not have to queue long when doing any transaction. You just need to tap the electronic money card and you can do any activity easily.

4. Many Promos

Providers of these electronic cards usually do cooperation with various vendors, such as supermarkets, restaurants, coffeeshops, and others. No wonder if a lot of interesting promos are offered. You can get some of these benefits for free using electronic money.

5. Can Be Sought To Know Its Existence

As an electronic money user, of course all your personal data will be connected. This will help you to find out the existence of electronic money if there is any loss or misuse of funds.

Of course this is very profitable. For example, you lost the electronic card, you can track it so you will not lose money

Behind its advantages, cashless payment methods also have drawbacks. Here are four drawbacks.

1. So More Often Shopping because of the Many Promos

As explained earlier, electronic money does provide a lot of interesting and profitable promotions. However, this will make you easily tempted by the promos that then cause you can not control spending. Which was profitable of course will make the expenditure more extravagant. Therefore, use as wisely as possible.

2. Vulnerable Cyber ​​Crime Action

Having electronic money will certainly facilitate all the transactions you make. However, do you know if electronic money is very vulnerable to cyber crime action? This is one of the shortcomings of electronic money.

Therefore, be careful to keep your electronic money. Do not forget to always change the password every month so it is not easy to fall into the wrong party. asuransi pendidikan

3. Tend to Keep Shopping

Although not holding cash, the use of electronic money will make people more likely to shop. This is what then encourages the sense to want to continue shopping.

Because the sense of not spending money at all, makes you constantly buy the things you want. After that, then you realize when the expenditure becomes swollen.

4. Still Limited

Although it facilitates the transaction process, there are still few vendors that cooperate with the bank issuing the electronic money. Therefore, it makes its users find it difficult to find a place that can make payments using electronic money because not all places offer payment using a cashless system.

Take advantage of Wisely

There are several advantages and disadvantages in using electronic money. Therefore, as a user, it is important to use it wisely. What is beneficial to your advantage and harm is best avoided. Hopefully this information is useful and you are more wise in using cashless method.