An easy way to invest for beginners

An easy way to invest for beginners

Want to start an investment with a very easy but you are still a beginner in the field of investment ??? do not worry the investment is very easy anyway.

Here are easy steps to start investing for beginners

1. Know yourself
What is on your mind when you hear the word investment? or if you want to invest? maybe you think is a huge advantage that promise riches for you. Often that many people forget is that “large Fortunately, High Risk”. Choosing an investment with enormous advantages also partly offset by the high risk experienced, it is true benefits are enormous. But you must not forget that there is a risk of high losses behind.

2. How much of your knowledge about investing
It’s good for those who are beginners and do not spend a lot of capital to invest do not rush to invest in many fields. Besides investments there will most likely be free even suffer a loss. You better learn first to the investment experts beforehand. For example you consult with the bank or the investment manager who has experienced.

3. The purpose of the investment you what ???
Things palingsering forgotten is forgetfulness person to determine the purpose of the investment at the beginning.
For example ya how much and how long you want to enjoy the fruits of your investment ???
For example: you are currently 20 years old you want to invest in deposits and you take a 6-month period. In this case, your investment will not have much effect in kehidupanAnda, because the deposit is still small. It’s good you are still young bgi take deposits with a minimum term of 5 years or 20 years and gentlemen, because the longer the benefits will be even greater. Yes, although deposits can be used for short-term investments, but the impact would be felt if made long term as well.

4. Selection of appropriate investment instruments
Listen to people who are more experienced than you. Secrets of capital investment is a big, big profit and high risk, for example shares, gold, property is not suitable for those who are beginners, learn from the experience of others.

5. Where would you invest
The easiest step is to invest your cooperate and consult to the bank or the investment manager. You will be directed toward investment instruments that are suitable according to your passion. In Indonesia itself has established the body which oversees the investment activities and the investment community, seek business entity or company which would you choose are already registered in the supervision of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board) or one of the two the agency.

6. Always use the free money
Do not let your big keiniginan to successfully invest up to interrupt your financial condition. The trick is to first calculate your basic expenses each month, subtract the expenses are less important, and the rest can be invested as saving for your future.

The thing is to never be afraid to start investing, because the investment is very beneficial for your future life “experience is the best teacher” learn from experience either personal experience or others.

In the next article you can learn how to choose the right investment instrument for beginners

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