After the pain, the explanation you give your child can be as follows

After the pain, the explanation you give your child can be as follows

Never borrow for depreciative items, tell them that people borrow money from credit cards, taje personal loans to buy things they need. If you borrow to buy  a house in a good locaton, you can do so.

However, remember banks can change interest rets according to government policy and this can go up significantly and hurt you financially if you are over extended. In some countries, banks can even recall a loan without giving any reasons.

Explain the key principles in this chapter, such as borrowing for appreciating assets and never overextending by taking too much credit so that they don’t get caught like they did ever again. Explain to them most loan agreements for houses and cars are very one sided and in favor of the bank and the lender who needs to be protected because they are lending to everybody who is unstested. Sometimes with some banks in certain countries, it is a little too much in the lenders favor. Tell them the key to beat the system is for them to pay a high downpayment for the loan, and shop around and compare rates with other banks. This will enable them to get the best rates and reduce the interest of overall loan.

This exercise will stay with your child for life and they will remember it every time they want to borrow money from a lending institution. From time to time you can repeat it especially if your child was young at the time of the first exercises.