Adjust and realign

Adjust and realign

You just need to readjust and realign future expense to compensate and quickly get back on track.

You have not failed when things go out of budget, especially with situations you cannot control, like medical expenses, emergencies etc. You just need adjustment. When you see that you are off budget, just take stock and readjust. Take small steps and come back into alignment.

Let me give you an example party. You are supposed to be apportioning jus to eating out every day, however, this night out was unplanned and expenses for the night came up to, so you have just blown three or more days of your budget in a single outing. Do not despair, the tracking system will allow you to make adjusments.

You can cut down your daily food expenditure to jus 50 until you make up the extra 70 you spent. This approach should take you only five days.

By tracking your expenses to get back on track. This would not likely be possible if you are tracking what you spend once a month or every couple of weeks and this will never happen if you are not tracking anything in the first place. You will go off the rails without even knowing it ever happened. This is the story of most people financial lives.

Catch and curtail habitual pitfalls

Do you have weakness and impulse purchases that need to be curtailed ?

If you track our expenses regularly, you will be able to see pattern of where you are going out of budget. What are purchases or expenditures that are regularly tripping you or child up ? children can start using this system as soon as they are given pocket money.

When I first started tracking I was amazed at the amount of money I spent eating out. Even though eating out in Malaysia is cheap, this adds up and crerates some expenses that can be avoided if you plan ahead and pack a sandwich or something from home.

There could be other areas as well for example, buyin clothes. A little does not contribute significantly tou your leak, but this can add up and take up even 10 % of your budget. Your child might be going to a video game arcade and spending up to 50 % of their pocket money on tha machines there. When they track their expense, they might opt to save up their money instead, and buy a game once that they can play again and again at home in order to curtail the expnditures and save money.


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